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We Did It! We Gave Away Free Art!

So every year we try to do this little art hunt thing where we give away a lot of art with the intent to bring a smile to someone’s face. That someone is a beautiful little town named Pensacola. This year I created a bunch of art, about 80 pieces, and I created small inspirational hand painted magnets, about 100 of those… Phew.

2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt
2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt

As some of you know we had a YouTube contest to find the perfect name for this art giveaway thing we’ve been doing for several years, with awesome results.

Hashtag Inspire A Smile (#INSPIREASMILE) is what it’s called now, and that my friends is awesome!

2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt
2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt

So the date was set (March 12th, 2018) and the weather was like “hey wait a minute… I think you’ll enjoy doing this a lot more if it was dreary, cold, and windy, because that’s what all the cool kids want.”

And I was like “shit.”

But Klee and I bundled up and like the old explorers of Antarctica we braved the elements to spread our message of cheer.

(Listen, I know it wasn’t that cold, but I live in Florida the sunshine state, anything other than sunshine and warmth is unbearable.)

2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt
2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt

I put an entertaining video of our adventure together that morning for your amusement Below. Enjoy!

Within minutes of being done with the art hunt, inspiring happy messages started flooding in which makes freezing our buts off so worth it.

2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt
2018 #inspireasmile Art Hunt

I think it is so important to smile. Each time you smile, you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness. So smile you beautiful human you!

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Can You Boogeyman Boogie?

You’re probably like, what on earth are you even talking about Rafi?

I’m talking about a multimedia art installation idea, but I need your involvement… I am talking about the boogeyman boogie challenge!

Boogeyman Boogie Artel Gallery
Boogeyman Boogie Artel Gallery

Several years ago, when we first arrived in Pensacola, Klee and I wanted to do something fun for Halloween. So after some brainstorming, Klee’s sweet dance moves, and recording of some epic kazoo music, the Boogeyman Boogie was born.

Boogeyman Boogie at Cordova Mall
Boogeyman Boogie at Cordova Mall. We got in trouble for dancing in the mall, then we danced some more so I could film it… Mall security was not happy.

I’ve been thinking of doing a video for a multimedia art installation in the future, and I figured a project like this would be a lot of fun. This year, we want to Boogeyman Boogie with you, watch this video to find out more:


How to submit:

  1. Download the Boogeyman Boogie music at
  2. Film yourself dancing to the music, a small clip is all I need (you can wear a costume, not wear a costume, sing along, be ridiculous, what ever you want to do, just have fun)
  3. Send it to me (if you follow me on Youtube, just send a video response) or send me an email. If you post it on Youtube or any other place, label it #Boogeymanboogie (If you have a hard time getting the file to me, don’t worry, just contact me and we’ll figure it out.)
  4. That’s it, I’ll put the video together and release it Halloween morning. Then use it for an installation for a future art exhibit.
Rafi and Klee Boogeyman Boogie
Rafi and Klee Boogeyman Boogie in the studio

So, if you think you have what it takes to boogeyman boogie, take the challenge, and send me your clip. Can’t wait to see your sweet moves, and remember… Have FUN! #boogeymanboogie

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You Just Wont Have Time For Boredom

Klee and I don’t watch much TV because honestly, some of those commercials are draining. Especially the drug commercials. I feel like any time we sit down to watch Supernatural, by the end of the constant stream of maladies and side effects being thrown at us, I am convinced that I’m dying… I’m not sure of what, but I’m sure I’m dying of something.


So, we decided to have a little fun with it and created our own drug commercial. This week in our old video reboot, I present you with the drug STIMULEX which doesn’t allow you the unfortunate condition of boredom. Enjoy!