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Stir Crazy, Awesome Podcasts, And Staying Connected

Today I woke up and realized that it’s been about two and a half weeks since I have ventured out of the studio. Although our art studio is one of the coolest places to be, it’s easy to start feeling a little stir crazy.

Last time we went out, we hunted down supplies and scored toilet paper… good times, good times.

My book is NOT toilet paper… not yet anyhow.

Today I went outside and did a little stretching in the yard, hugged Klee, and returned into the studio and am currently listening to some music while I create.

I had a lovely surprise in the form of a Podcast from Curious Kirby, in which she interviewed Klee and me.

Kirby asked us all kinds of interesting questions, and it was a blast. You can listen by visiting her site here.

I avoid watching or reading the news. As you can imagine, there’s not much out there but doom and gloom, which is not very inspiring for creating art. Honestly, I haven’t felt very inspired lately.

Mostly, I’ve been recording and editing the audiobook for ‘The Rogue Artist’s Survival Guide’ and trying to keep my wits about me.

Klee and I are used to being at home and not going out much, but even still, we have to keep a close eye on our attitude towards ourselves and each other. It can be easy to lose your shit over stupid things, especially when you are recording an audiobook, and every sound in the house sounds like a firecracker.

It was excellent listening to the podcast in the studio. I could feel the old familiar sense of inspiration bubbling up from deep down inside, where I tried to bury it. It was under several layers of apathy, numbness, and what-the-fuckery that I was feeling earlier today. I suddenly felt alive again and ready to write. I had a mission! I had something to say again!

As you know, we’re enduring a global pandemic. (I only remind you because in 10 years when you’re reading this we will have forgotten what a goddamned shit show we experienced.)

I think during this time it is important to remember to smile and enjoy the little things… the things we can enjoy.

We are more connected than ever before. This blog, facetime, live streams, social media, podcasts, and so much more. We can create, connect, and love one another.

Sure, we may have to keep our distance, but it doesn’t mean we can’t FEEL connected.

We are still doing all of our YouTube videos from the studio

I adore you!


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Everyone Is Sending An Update For COVID 19

I feel like anytime I open up my email, it is one company or another sending deals for Covid 19. One company that sells robotics had a sale on a giant tub of hand sanitizer for some reason. Another was all “Update Your Area Rugs And Decor!!!” Unfortunately, Klee and I don’t have any “deals” for you that we could capitalize on. But we did want to send you guys some love and appreciation.

We are currently inside and making the most of being in the studio. I am recording an audio-book for The Rogue Artist Series, working on art, trying to figure out kindle formatting for my book, and making sure that we stay in high spirits. I just released my book and as soon as I get the kindle format done or figured out, it will be live on Amazon… which is exciting…

It’s interesting, as artists we are used to being solitary creatures who only venture out of our studio when we need to. However, when something is a bit off with the world, it can be slightly daunting. Creative people spend a lot of time in their imaginations, and I would be a fool if I didn’t understand how much the surrounding environment and overall state of things has an effect on that.

Social distancing measures are in place, schools and businesses are closing, and companies are declaring work from home necessary, everyone is forced to face a new reality.

Staying calm, reaching out to check on the well-being of others, and self-care will help you through these challenging times. Remind yourself that while COVID-19 is a reality we’re all facing, we’re facing it together, and that life will return to normal in time… even if it is a new normal.

“We are social beings. We like to connect and touch and be close to people, and we’ve had to change our behavior, which can create a feeling of isolation,”

Patricia Thornton, PhD

Sometimes it feels like life has stopped, but there are ways to keep things in perspective and carry on.

Anxiety can be contagious. Someone close to you may be freaking out and saying, ‘The world is coming to an end,’ and you may begin to worry because you don’t want to feel like the person who is not worried, but you have to remember who you are in those moments.

Klee and I try not to think of it as doomsday. More like a new normal. We ask ourselves often, ‘How do I want to live my life right now with these constraints?’ We would prefer to make the most of it and stay grounded.

One of the best ways is to ground yourself in science. Stay connected to your local or state health department for information. Avoid watching or reading the news or social media, where facts can become blurred or even exaggerated. Remind yourself that infectious disease outbreaks have been part of our history, and this too shall pass.

Most important, we find ways to connect and stay busy. Klee and I are working on art, jewelry, recording the book, writing, updating our online store, writing music, recording podcasts, and YouTube videos… but most importantly, we are remembering to smile… especially when one of us wakes up feeling all “doom and gloom”.

By the way, I’m not saying not to feel doom and gloom, things kinda suck right now… just don’t stay there.

Here is a video we posted this week where we talk a little more about how we are handling these times.

We are thinking about you guys and sending you a smile!

We have a resources page we are updating for self-employed artists of all genres and anyone who is self-employed. We keep updating it as we get more information. GO TO RESOURCES FOR ARTISTS AND SELF-EMPLOYED.

Stay Safe!!!!