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Art Creations For Your Inbox – No. 2

Happy Sunday! I start you off with an amazing quote I heard this week that made me smile:

Spend your life doing strange things with weird people. – Tiffany Patton

This week has been an awesome one for us! I finished a mural in downtown Pensacola, and Klee has created something that pushed her skill set to the next level. Enjoy this Sunday’s art for your inbox.

Downtown Pensacola Mural

Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez
Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez

“I am so excited to announce that the mural is finished. It is located in beautiful, historic downtown Pensacola on Palafox St. It was such on honor to be allowed to add my creation to this beautiful town.” -Rafi

To find out more about the mural CLICK HERE

Blue Topaz Engagement Ring

Blue Topaz Engagement Ring By Klee Angelie
Blue Topaz Engagement Ring By Klee Angelie

“This was one of the most exciting and challenging commission projects I’ve taken on thus far. A milestone for me as my very first traditional (yet non-traditional) engagement ring.” -Klee

To find out more about the creation of this ring CLICK HERE

Empowerment Event Painting

Rafi Perez Live Painting Empowerment
Rafi Perez Live Painting Empowerment

“Empowerment was a Food drive for Manna Food pantries. I did a live painting. The painting was auctioned off to raise funds for MANNA. I was so honored to create the beautiful piece.” -Rafi

To watch the creation of this piece CLICK HERE

Labradorite Tree Of Life

Labradorite Tree Of Life By Klee Angelie
Labradorite Tree Of Life By Klee Angelie

“This hand faceted labradorite caught my attention the moment I saw it. I think I even gasped a little with excitement. I see imagery in the stones I work with, sometimes landscapes and sometimes fantastical far off places straight out of a storybook. This one immediately made me think of far off galaxies visible in the sky on a very clear dark night, or a fantastic display of the northern lights on a cold crisp evening.” -Klee

Have an amazing week! You are awesome!

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Pensacola Mural Is Finished!

It has been an interesting journey, full of hot, inferno like days, and epic downpours, but I am proud to announce that my mural, in beautiful downtown Pensacola, is finished!

If you are in Pensacola, you can see it at Marty Campbell Gallery, located at  114 Palafox Pl, Pensacola, FL 32502

Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez
Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez

I wanted to capture the beauty, and history of this amazing town. The aliveness in a flowing work of art, that expresses how awesome the people, and this town have been to me. So, thank you Pensacola, this is my gift to you, hope you like it.

Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez
Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez

This town has been so supportive of me and my art career, that I wanted to give something back to express my gratitude.

When the opportunity arose to do this mural, I thought long and hard about the message that I wanted to express.

Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez
Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez

If there is anything I have learned from this experience, it is that your mindset is everything. It has been overwhelming, amazing, problematic, fantastic, and enlightening. The weather and some of the politics involved, could have easily caused my mind to downward spiral, and it did for a few moments. Luckily, I’m too stubbornly positive.

So, the power behind staying positive, no matter what obstacles stood in my way, made all the difference. Staying in tune with why I was creating the mural in the first place, was more important than drama. It shows in the work, and shows me how important it is to stay tuned to love.

That is my message.

The other thing I’ve learned, is to never schedule a mural in the middle of a deadly Summer heat wave. Just sayin.

Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez
Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez

Toward the end of the project, I asked for quotes from the amazing people that have a connection with myself and Pensacola. They are hidden among the images in the Mural. The response was so positive that I ended up with way more quotes than I can fit into the design. All the quotes were so amazing that I’m saving unused quotes for future projects.

Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez
Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez

The quotes in the downtown Pensacola Mural:

Be brave. –Jamie Hullenbaugh

Love makes magic happen! -Brandi Rodeghero

This is going to be the kind of year you THINK it’s going to be”. – Daniel Grooms

Thank you God for another day! – Cherie

What would you do if you knew you could not fail. – Phyllis R.

In order to truly move forward, we must let go of the past. – Jessa

Listen with your heart, feel with your soul. – Cera M

Do you know why you’re the best? You’re the best because you’re …you. – Jim Billy Barnes

The only consistent thing in life is the inconsistencies. – Catawissa Mo

It’s best to be a first rate version of yourself than a second rate version of somebody else. – Jennifer

May we always be endlessly inspired by the stuff of life. – Klee Angelie

Make today so awesome yesterday gets jealous. – Amanda and Aaron

Make it better. – Terri

Breathe in, breath out, move on – Peggy Cole

Spend your life doing strange things with weird people. – Tiffany Patton

“Adapt. Improvise, Overcome.” –The Marines -Lorraine

You are beautiful. – Daniella M

Laughter is the sunshine of life. – Ruth Stone

Listen with your heart, feel with your soul. – Cera Mc

The world would be a pretty boring place if we were all poured out of the same mold. – Sharon Price

Do more than just exist. – Pearl P.

Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez
Downtown Pensacola Mural By Rafi Perez

Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me, I love you guys.

On to the next awesome project!

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With A Little Help From My Friends Like You. Please help.

Hello you awesome person you! As you know I’ve been working on a mural in beautiful downtown Pensacola, and I need your help.

mural 1I’ll be finishing the mural in the next few days, which is super exciting for me. I am aiming to get it done before Gallery Night on Friday, September 16th, and there is something special I would like to ask you.

The very last finishing touch of this mural is going to be small, positive quotes, throughout the design. Originally, I was thinking of using famous quotes, but I think there is something much more special that can be done with this piece.


Please send me your special quote… please?

I would like you to send me short, special, positive quotes that either you say, heard, or read. It could be something that someone you know said, and it inspired you, or a mantra that you say to yourself that gets yourself going. It could be a famous quote as well, as long as it means something to you.

This mural will capture your quote for the world to see, for as long as it stands in downtown Pensacola.

I would love for as many Pensacolians as possible to submit their quote, but I hope to get responses from other cities, and all around the world.

Just send me your quote, the person that says it (leave it blank if you want it to be anonymous) and your city.

You can leave it in the comments, respond to this email if you are subscribed to me, or send me an email. You can also leave your quotes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any of my other social accounts.

Also, please share this with anyone that you think would be interested.

Please respond by September 15th, 2016 7:00pm.

Thank you! You are awesome! I’ll be posting pictures and stuff when it is done… or you can visit downtown Pensacola and see your quote. 🙂