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Letting Go And Starting Fresh

Over the last few weeks Klee and I have been building, packing, organizing, debating, panicking, laughing, crying, bleeding, lifting, carrying, dropping and just about every other “ing” I can think of. If you haven’t figured it out, we recently moved to a new place. Moving for us means that wherever we go, our entire art studio comes with us.

I am stoked to announce that we are finally moved in and the studio is up and running. The extra space and just general awesomeness of being in such a beautiful place has been very inspiring. I’m looking forward to what amazing things will come from the happy energy that seems to surround us in our new home.

I think about the journey that got us here and what words of advice I can offer to anyone that might be in our shoes and only one thing comes to mind… Chill out and have fun.

We’ve been looking to move for a couple years now, the place we were in just didn’t feel like home and we were sharing it with my father which was its own challenge. It just didn’t work and we both felt that there was a better fit for us out there somewhere. We started looking at buying a home and after several months of legalities and disappointments we decided to wait. This pattern kept going for a couple of years and it started to take a toll on my personal sense of joy, which in turn has a huge impact on my creativity.


This eventually lead me to asking myself a very powerful question.

“Rafi, are you having fun right now? If you’re not, what can you do to change that?”

I realized that I was spending a lot of time thinking about missed opportunities, wishing I had made different decisions, lamenting my fate and feeling like a victim. I was so busy doing all of those things that I wasn’t actually looking at new opportunities, making any new decisions, changing my situation, or allowing myself to feel awesome.

Right after changing my perspective our best friends called us and said they were buying a house with a beautiful apartment and would love for us to live there. Honestly, I couldn’t have planned it any better than the way it worked out. We have an amazing space, have two of the most amazing people I know as close neighbors and live closer to downtown where we do most of our business.

So hindsight, I just needed to chill out and have fun.  Life seems to always move forward, whether or not you keep up with it with a smile is up to you. So have fun.

Love you guys