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Siloam Springs Arkansas – The Little Things In Life Are Huge

Recently Klee and I went up north to go see my daughter’s lead performance in her last High school play. It was an amazing trip, watching her on stage was a highlight of the year. I don’t think I can describe in words how proud I am. I’m also happy that Klee and I had the opportunity to talk in the car for 28 hours of driving.

Rafi and Klee travel

I’ll be honest, before we left I was a little stressed about time and finances. This year has been a bit slow starting for us, and although I know things always look up, I was in the thick of it while paying and planning for the trip.

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I also knew that the long drive would be a great opportunity to talk things out and figure out what was going on in my head. I’m usually very optimistic and tend to feel empowered in most situations, but somehow I had lost my grasp and was venturing into a dark place. This drive would be a great way to dig deep.

Final Bow

One of the things that struck me while investigating my head was that I was distracted. My mind would wander into worst case scenarios and I would miss the experience I was in. I noticed that Klee had to repeat herself at times because I just wasn’t there. What was interesting about this, was that life was happening, and I was missing it.

I thought about all those little moments that we fail to notice, and how freeing it is to appreciate those little moments.

Rafi at Natural Falls

And yet most of the time we fail to notice them. We don’t recognize them properly, forget them, or simply take them for granted.

Once I realized this, I made a mental list of reasons why gratitude for the little things in life is important.

Appreciating the little things in life means that you focus your attention on what nurtures, sustains, and brings you even the smallest amount of pleasure. By appreciating life, you won’t stop bad stuff from happening, but you’ll learn how to stop emphasizing the meaning of bad events in your life.

Rafi and Klee Art Mobile

Once you take a moment to appreciate an act of kindness coming from someone you love or a person you don’t even know, you’ll become more aware of your belonging to a community of people who care about each other. Reciprocating these actions only helps to strengthen these social bonds.

Resilient people build their strengths on positive emotions. These emotions simply help them to cope with difficult situations.

Rafi and Klee travel

When you’re in the middle of a life event, it’s important that you savor it as much as you can. Choose to be present in the now. When you’re living with more awareness, you notice everything – the little pieces of everyday beauty.

I think we tend to get caught up in the drama of our minds and forget that life is beautiful, precious, and short. So stop and appreciate all of it.

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25% Off Inspirational Limited Edition Hand Crafted Prints By Rafi Perez

As we hang out today in the studio, I am working on something new. There’s carving, etching, gluing, inking, cutting, rolling, and a lot of “oh crap” coming from me as I piece my technique together.Inspirational Original Prints By Rafi Perez

For a while now I’ve been wanting to create a series of pieces that are meant to be verbal reminders of feeling good. I sometimes add an empowering word or phrase to my paintings, but those are rare because I don’t really feel the urge to add words to imagery very often.

Inspirational Original Prints By Rafi Perez

I remember back in my corporate days there were all these posters on the wall that were meant to motivate the employees. Things like the word ‘leadership’ with a picture of an eagle, or ‘teamwork’ with a bunch of dudes rowing a boat. I thought they were stupid… I still think they’re stupid.


Inspirational Original Prints By Rafi Perez

Nowadays I have things that I put up in the studio and around the house to motivate me and give me a sense of empowerment. The difference is that instead of promoting complacency, everything I put up is about celebrating your individuality and feeling empowered… Also, they’re not stupid.

The other difference is that I hand create them, not simply print them out of a printer.

Inspirational Original Prints By Rafi Perez

Each piece in the series will have a limited run of 100, will be signed and numbered by me. For this Memorial day weekend I have these for 25% off, plus other items in our store are on sale until Tuesday May 29th.


Also, if you want something specific that means something powerful to you, please contact me about creating a print inspired by you.

Inspirational Original Prints By Rafi Perez
Inspirational Original Prints By Rafi Perez

Inspirational Original Prints By Rafi Perez
Inspirational Original Prints By Rafi Perez

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