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Open Studio TONIGHT! at 5 PM EST

Greetings, you fabulous creative creatures of the internet!

Hold on to your hats because tonight is the night – the night we take you on a wild rollercoaster ride through our studio, home, and gallery! That’s right, we’re live-streaming straight from the heart of creativity, and you’re invited to join in on the madness!

After what felt like a gazillion years (okay, maybe just a year or so), we’ve finally whipped our studio into shape, and tonight is the grand unveiling! Picture this: art, jewelry, stories, live music, and enough good vibes to power a spaceship. Oh, did I mention there’s a giveaway? Because, YES, there’s a giveaway – and it’s going down at 6 PM EST sharp! Get ready to win some seriously awesome stuff!

Now, I know you’re sitting there, thinking, “But what’s on the agenda?” Fear not, for I have the inside scoop on tonight’s festivities. Drumroll, please…

Golden Woolly Agoggle by Klee Angelie


We’ll kick things off with a virtual high-five and share some stories about our journey. Spoiler alert: there may or may not be hilarious anecdotes involved.


Time to put on your explorer hat as we guide you through our newly minted studio, revamped gallery, and media studio. Watch out for the hidden treasures – you never know what you might stumble upon!


Ready your wallets and get those itchy trigger fingers ready because we’re unleashing a live sale! Snag some unique pieces for yourself or your loved ones at a special “Thank You” price– ’tis the season for artsy goodness.

2023 Ornament By Artist Rafi Perez Original Art On Reclaimed Wood 2X3


Drumroll intensifies. The moment you’ve all been waiting for – the giveaway! Tune in, participate, and you might just be the lucky winner walking away with some jaw-dropping goodies.


Break out your air instruments and prepare for a musical extravaganza. We’ll be serenading you with tunes that’ll make you tap your toes and maybe even attempt to bring a smile to your lips!

AND FINALLY – QUICK Q&A (Ask us anything)

Curious minds, this is your time to shine! Throw your burning questions our way, and we’ll do our best to answer without breaking into a nervous sweat.

Throughout the entire event, you’ll have the chance to chat with us via the YouTube link. We’re counting on you to bring the virtual house down with your witty comments and infectious energy.

So, set a reminder, tie a string around your finger – do whatever it takes to remember that tonight, at 5 PM EST, we’re bringing the party to your screens. Get ready for a night filled with laughter, creativity, and the kind of fun that’ll leave you smiling for days.

Enter to win, buckle up, and let’s make this a night to remember! See you on the virtual dance floor, you amazing humans! 🚀💃🕺 #StudioParty #ArtisticExtravaganza #GiveawayGalore

WHAT: Rafi And Klee Virtual Open Studio
WHERE: The Sunflower House Via This Link:
WHEN: Saturday, December 9th At 5 PM Eastern
WHY: Because it is going to be a blast!

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Open Studio And Giveaway December 9th

It’s that time of year again! Welcome, art enthusiasts and festive souls! I’ve got some seriously exciting news to light up your December – Klee and I are throwing open the virtual doors of our Sunflower House for the most anticipated event of the season: our Virtual Open Studio on December 9, 2023, at 5 pm Eastern! Before we get started, the give-away link is down below, enter to win! Now back to describing the awesomeness that will be our virtual Open Studio!

Picture this: cozy up in your favorite holiday ugly sweater, grab a cup of spiked cocoa, and join us for an art-filled extravaganza right from the comfort of your home. It’s like a front-row seat to the coolest art show in town, no pants required!

This year promises to be extra special. We’re not just offering you a peek into our creative space; we’re cranking up the fun with music, a virtual tour of our art studio, stories that’ll warm your heart, and of course, loads of laughter. Because who says virtual events can’t be as lively as a holiday party at the Sunflower House?

And wait for it – drumroll, please – we’re rolling out some fantastic deals on select artworks! It’s like a holiday miracle – jaw-dropping art at irresistible prices. Plus, brace yourselves for the grand reveal of brand spanking new artworks and exclusive items crafted just for this virtual extravaganza. It’s arts galore!

Crimson Serenade By Artist Rafi Perez Original Art On Reclaimed Wood 10X12
Forest Deep Sterling Silver Moss Agate Tree of Life Necklace by Klee Angelie Jewelry

Now, here’s the real kicker – this year, for the first time ever, I’m unleashing a collection of Christmas ornaments and greeting cards that are bound to sleigh your festive spirit! Who knew art could deck the halls so stylishly?

Agoggles Ornament By Rafi Perez

Our Virtual Open Studio is more than just an art show; it’s a chance for us to kick back, relax, and share some holiday cheer with you. It’s like having a front-row seat to our laid-back hangout, where the only agenda is to have a blast!

And if you thought it couldn’t get any better – hold onto your Santa hats – we’re hosting an incredible giveaway! Imagine scoring a Rafi and Klee art and jewelry bundle or even a one-on-one Zoom meeting with us. Dreams do come true lol! Just sign up below for a chance to win these fantastic prizes, and we’ll be announcing the lucky winners during the show.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the festive spirit, mark your calendars for December 9 at 5 pm Eastern, and head over to the page below to sign up for our virtual giveaway. Let’s make this year’s Virtual Open Studio the talk of the season – an unforgettable evening of art, laughter, and holiday magic. We can’t wait to virtually hang out with each and every one of you!

WHAT: Rafi And Klee Virtual Open Studio
WHERE: The Sunflower House Via This Link:
WHEN: Saturday, December 9th At 5 PM Eastern
WHY: Because it is going to be a blast!

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Your Calendars Are Shipping Out With A Little Extra Love

Guess what’s making this year absolutely, positively, undeniably awesome? Drumroll, please… Rafi Limited Edition special calendars! Can I get a virtual high-five? I’m practically bursting with excitement because these calendars arrived and are next level. Seriously, they’re so fantastic that even I, the mastermind behind prior years’ calendars, am blown away.

I’ve been pacing around like a kid on Christmas morning waiting for these beauties to arrive, and when I finally got my hands on them, oh boy, it was like holding a slice of heaven. The quality is off the charts, and I can’t wait for you to experience the calendar magic.

Before I dive into the calendar extravaganza, let me take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to all you wonderful souls who’ve already snagged one of my calendars. You guys are awesome! Your support means the world to me, and I can’t thank you enough for embarking on this creative journey with me.


Now, let’s talk calendar shipping dates! Klee and I are currently in full-on calendar-packing mode. It’s like a calendar assembly line, and we’re loving every minute of it. We’ve already started shipping! Yup, the calendars are making their way to your doorstep as we speak. The last grouping of Calendars will ship on December 11th, you will receive a tracking number via email.

If you’re still on the fence about getting one, here’s your friendly nudge – there are only 20 calendars left! That’s it, just 20. And because I’m feeling extra festive, I’ve extended the sale until December 9. It’s your last chance to grab a slice of “Rafi” for 2024.

But wait, there’s more! For that extra dose of motivation, I’ve thrown in a signed poster. Something to jazz up your space and keep those creative vibes flowing throughout the year. It’s like having a pocket-sized muse, minus the awkward conversations.

Also, mark your calendars (pun intended) for December 9 at 5 pm Eastern because we’re throwing a virtual art show extravaganza! This event will be full of live music, a tour of the Sunflower House art studio (yes!), and of course, plenty of stories and art to keep your creative juices flowing. We will be sharing links soon!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this year incredible. Hanging out with you and growing as an artist has been an absolute blast. Here’s to an exciting and awesome 2024 – let’s make it memorable together. See you at the virtual show!

Cheers, You Rock!


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Artist Sunday! Calling all art lovers and holiday enthusiasts!

Hey, fabulous folks of Oil City Pennsylvania, and beyond! I’ve got some exhilarating news that will add a splash of color and creativity to your Sunday plans. Drumroll, please… This November 26th, from 11 AM to 4 PM, get ready to immerse yourself in a dazzling celebration of local talent during the Artists Sunday extravaganza!

If you’re wondering what Artists Sunday is all about, let me break it down for you. It’s the perfect remedy for post-Thanksgiving and Black Friday madness. This Sunday is dedicated to supporting the incredible artists and art businesses right in your community. Say goodbye to generic gifts and hello to one-of-a-kind treasures crafted by the hands of your very own local artists.

Picture this: paintings that speak to your soul, jewelry that sparkles with personality, ceramics that redefine elegance, books that transport you to other worlds, prints and cards that are practically works of art themselves, mesmerizing photography, toe-tapping music, and beautifully illustrated books that are simply irresistible. The best part? All of these gems will be up for grabs, and they’re waiting for you!

Artist Sunday In Oil City PA 2023

But wait, there’s more excitement to unfold in Oil City! Although Klee and I won’t be showcasing our own masterpieces from 11-4, we’ve got something equally thrilling lined up. Brace yourselves for a mind-blowing special effects makeup presentation starting at 4:30 PM in the Great Room at the National Transit building (206 Seneca St, Oil City, PA 16301). Why, you ask? Well, our incredible friend Kaleb Lewis, an extraordinary make-up artist, is leading a make-up course for some seriously talented artists. Get ready for a face-off style showdown, where Klee and I, along with the awesome judges John Bernstein and Nick Hess, will be critiquing the magic just like on the hit show!

I can’t contain my excitement – it’s like I’m living a dream! So mark your calendars and make your way to Oil City between 11 AM and 4 PM. The entire town, from the north to the south side, will be buzzing with open studios and artists’ pop-ups. Feel free to explore the artistic wonders displayed in local businesses or dive into the creativity housed within the artist studios in the transit building.

Kaleb Lewis And His Awesome Make Up

And here’s the grand finale – at 4:30 PM, witness the spectacle as the special effects makeup presentation kicks off. It’s going to be an absolute blast, and I can guarantee you won’t want to miss it!


So, whether you’re a seasoned art connoisseur or just looking for a unique holiday experience, make Artists Sunday your destination. Join us in Oil City for a day filled with creativity, community, and pure artistic joy. Trust me; it’s going to be an event to remember! #ArtistsSunday #OilCityArtistry #CreativeFestivities

Artist Sunday In Oil City PA 2023

WHAT: Artist Sunday
WHERE: OIL CITY, PA (Downtown Area and National Transit Building)
WHEN: 11/26/2023 1-4 and 4:30 PM
WHY: Because it’s awesome!
Find out More Information on Arts Oil City Facebook Page

Artist Sunday In Oil City PA 2023
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All We Are – Our Music Video Premiere is Almost Here!

This is for our amazing music lovers and adventure seekers! We’ve got some seriously exciting news to share, and trust me, you’re not going to want to miss this. We’re thrilled to announce that our brand-new music video for our latest song “All We Are” is dropping on October 25 at 5:30 pm Eastern Time, and we can hardly contain our enthusiasm!

Klee and I are bursting with excitement to reveal this labor of love to all of you. We’ve poured our hearts, souls, and a whole lot of creativity into this project, and we’re so proud of the result.

Picture this: a few days of traveling through the mesmerizing landscapes of Oil City, discovering breathtaking spots that perfectly complement the magic of our song. We’ve managed to capture what we believe is some of our finest work in the realm of music videos, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

All We Are Music Video By Better On The Drums

But that’s not all! October 25 is not just about our music video; it’s also the official release date for our new songs, which will be available on Spotify and every other music platform you can think of. It’s like a double dose of musical awesomeness! Can you feel the excitement building?

All We Are Music Video By Better On The Drums


The best part is, we want you to join us for the grand premiere of our music video. It’s not just about hitting play and watching it alone; we want to share this moment with you, our incredible supporters. We’ll all be gathering in the chat as we collectively hit that play button and experience the video for the very first time together. After our premiere, we will Go Live with our band practice at 6 pm Eastern. Click Here To Join Us On YouTube In The Chat.

Our new song holds a special place in our hearts, especially for Klee, as she penned it with love and passion. It’s an ode to our journey, not only as artists but as a couple. We’ve faced our fair share of naysayers and doubters who told us that love was just a fantasy, and our dreams were unattainable. But this song is our way of fighting back against the negativity, inspiring creativity, celebrating love, and embracing the adventure of life.

All We Are Music Video By Better On The Drums

So, if you’re in need of some inspiration, a little musical magic, and a whole lot of heart, mark your calendar for October 25 at 5:30 pm Eastern Time. We can’t wait to see your awesomeness in the chat as we all embark on this musical journey together. It’s going to be a night to remember, and we hope to see you there!

All We Are Music Video By Better On The Drums

Thanks for being a part of our musical adventure, and we can’t wait to share this incredible moment with you.

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The Power of Life’s Moments – My Rambles

People often ask me, “What inspires you and your art?” It’s a question that requires a deeper understanding of the creative process. While renowned artists like Picasso, Warhol, or Dali may appear to be obvious sources of inspiration, the truth is that their art, in itself, doesn’t inspire me. Rather, it is life and the experiences it offers that fuel my creativity. On this dreary day, I want to share some rambles on inspiration and how the stuff of life shapes our artistic endeavors.

Creative Inspiration Is An Interesting Beast

When we create, it comes from within us, where we observe, absorb, and reflect on our emotions and reactions to the world around us. It’s the essence of life itself. While I may draw inspiration from various sources, the tapestry of existence truly moves me. Allow me to elaborate.

Last year, I embarked on a road trip to attend my daughter’s wedding in Illinois. Due to the pandemic, it had been years since we had seen our family, making this journey even more special. As we traveled, those moments in the car allowed me to decompress and fully embrace the anticipation of reconnecting with loved ones. It was a mix of excitement, mental preparation, and the knowledge that we would experience something truly significant.

Connected To The Universe By Rafi Perez

Arriving at our destination, we were greeted with conversations, smiles, and all the interactions that make up our lives. These moments, whether joyful, heated, or melancholic, are the stuff of life. They inspire us, shape us, and teach us valuable lessons about ourselves and what we aspire to become. The art we create becomes an expression of our unique perspectives on the world and the things we often take for granted.

In a fast-paced, busy world, it’s easy to let life pass us by. We become focused on destinations and overlook the beauty of the journey itself. However, it is precisely in those small moments, the instances of triumph and joy, and even the heartaches, that we find inspiration. These experiences enable us to overcome obstacles and grow as individuals. Feeling our way through the world is the key to unlocking innovation and creativity.

I’m Born With It By Artist Rafi Perez

The Power of Authenticity & Perspective

In a society that often encourages us to suppress or hide our feelings, we must realize that our emotions are a powerful expression of our authentic selves. By embracing our feelings, we allow ourselves to be fully present and in tune with the world. It’s essential to understand that hiding our emotions equates to hiding who we are and how we perceive the world.

Perspective shapes our experiences and influences how we perceive the world. I refuse to let external conditions dictate my ideas of what it means to be successful. Instead, I immerse myself in the process of creation, cherishing the moments spent creating. It’s a reminder that our focus should be on the things that bring us happiness and fulfillment, rather than dwelling on what we lack or wishing for something better.

Becoming Tree Of Life Necklace Ocean Jasper 14k Gold Filled Klee Angelie Jewelry

From Struggle to Empowerment

In my own journey, there was a time when I wished for a better life, feeling trapped by circumstances that seemed less than ideal. But at some point, I realized that if I wanted change, I needed to take control and create the life I desired. Through risk-taking and embracing vulnerability, I started to build something amazing. And the message I want to share is that if I can do it, anyone can. We can all live a creative life, find happiness, and continue moving forward, even in the face of challenges. In your vulnerability, you will find authenticity.

Living authentically means embracing who we are and being present in every moment. It means recognizing that our thoughts, ideas, and emotions matter. When we express ourselves genuinely, whether through art, music, or other creative outlets, we invite others to connect with our unique perspective. It’s a powerful way to inspire and resonate with those who encounter our work.

Aquamarine Drop Necklace Sterling Fine Silver 18k Gold by Klee Angelie Jewelry

In a world that often pushes us to be constantly striving for more and overlooking the “now”, it’s crucial to remember that inspiration lies in the moments we experience and the emotions we feel. Life itself is the greatest source of inspiration for artists. By embracing the journey, feeling our way through the world, and living authentically, we unlock our creative potential and find fulfillment in the beauty that surrounds us.

So, the next time you find yourself caught up in the busyness of life, take a moment to pause, look around, and appreciate the simple joys. Embrace the moments, both big and small, and let them fuel your creative spirit. Remember, you have the power to shape your own perspective and create a life filled with beauty, purpose, and inspiration.

Metamorphosis By Artist Rafi Perez
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The New You, And Hope

The Holiday season has come and gone. As Klee and I prepared for our long winter nap and reflection, I was struck by an important question. Who are you today? I mean, I know who I am, right? Surprisingly, the answer is no. The fact is that we change and evolve with every experience we have.

Listening to the gusts of wind and snow pummel my house, I was taken back to my childhood and some experiences and people that helped make me who I am today. These moments, conversations, struggles, and highlights taught me valuable lessons. However, if I am candid with myself, it is just a narrative I have repeated so much that it has become a reality. Everything I remember from my past is a construct of my design. I watched much TV as a kid and absorbed characters like Mr. Rogers and Bob Ross. They impacted me by introducing me to something I wasn’t surrounded by. Hope. But was it real?

Maybe it was the holidays or that Klee and I decided to take some time off from all the craziness and reset, but I can’t help wondering why I do what I do.

Anyone following our journey knows the last few years have been full of adventurous tales.

Rafi and Klee are waiting for a call from realtor

Some of you know that we moved last year, and to say it has been a crazy rollercoaster ride is an understatement. Let’s be honest, the last few years have been a bit of an insane ride, and I finally feel like we are getting to some semblance of normal. Well, normal for us. As I reflect, I think about how our lives changed dramatically and the toll it took on us.

The true craziness started in 2020 when the world shut down, and everyone fought amidst a pandemic. Klee and I spent a lot of time navigating the changes that would have to come with our art business. No longer able to do local shows for income, we needed to adapt and change our strategy. As we watched our bank account dwindle, we struggled to find footing. The truth is, spending a lot of time indoors and away from others wasn’t bothering us at all. Klee and I are artists. That’s normal for us. We spend a lot of time in our studio. We also really like each other, so nothing much had changed. It felt like the world around us was changing, or maybe we were paying closer attention since we weren’t distracted by markets and shows. Things sometimes felt a bit dark, but we kept our spirits up.

Because we needed to take a new direction, we focused a little more on connecting with artists online. We started a community of Rogue artists from all over the world. We wanted to create a safe place for creatives to interact and share ideas. We began to invest more time in our online efforts. We built a community, started a podcast, and uploaded more videos. We also supported the artists in our local area whenever we could. Then hurricane Sally hit our area, and everything shut down twice over. To say that 2020 was challenging doesn’t quite sum up the year. Let’s say the term dumpster fire is a better description.

Rafi And Klee Zoom Meetings During 2020

Enter 2021, and things are slowly coming out of the worst of the pandemic, but there are still a lot of heightened emotions and arguments in the world. As much as people wanted to talk and argue politics, I wanted nothing to do with that conversation. At this point, we had our eyes set on moving, but we were still trying to navigate the financial effects of 2020. I was writing my second and third books, organizing the art for a large exhibition, planning an adventure to the north, and figuring out how to afford to purchase a new home.

We had wanted to move from the apartment we had been living in for a while. The truth is we had outgrown it years earlier, and other factors involved made it a somewhat challenging environment for what we do. With every year that passed, the challenges became more prominent. Every year, however, we would put it off until the following year. This was most likely due to fear. As much as we wanted to move, we knew how to navigate our environment, which was comfortable (as in our comfort zone, which has nothing to do with real comfort). We finally reached a point where we had no other option but to move on and leave the apartment behind. Things had gotten beyond challenging, and we were determined to escape the situation we had put ourselves in by living in the apartment. We decided that even if we had to live in our car, get rid of everything, and start over again, we were willing to do that. It was time for a change.

Of course, the odds were stacked against us. Self-employed artists are at the lowest rung of banking loan opportunities, but we didn’t care this time. We were going to make it happen. Towards the end of the year, we gathered what we had saved from successful art shows and proceeded to travel the country and look for a new home. We eventually landed in Oil City, which had an artist’s relocation program to revitalize this once-boom town. The city is beautiful, and we found a house that we immediately fell in love with. It was our dream home. Our offer was accepted, and it was time to return, pick up our belongings, and start our new life.

Upon arriving at the apartment, we found that a leak from an air-conditioner had devastated Klee’s jewelry bench and tools. The water had also gotten underneath the protective tarp surrounding the studio. This meant that we would have to tear things down at a hurried pace. Exhausted from our travels, we jumped into taking the studio apart, buying a house long distance, organizing another art show, collecting art from around town, and getting ready to move our lives across the country.

Klee trying to recover her damaged jewelry bench and tools

The studio was shut down during all this, and we could not take any orders. This meant we were not making any money.

It was a month of constant exhaustion and heavy lifting that ended with us throwing everything into a 26-foot U-Haul before our landlords showed up with their own Uhaul (who needed us to move ours out of the way, but that’s a whole other story). We put our jeep on the tow dolly and navigated our way to our new town, stopping to nap at a Truckstop and racing against time to make it to our new home for the closing.

Once we were at the house, the challenges continued. We knew that buying an older home would require updates and repairs. However, we did not expect no-shows, delays, and a lack of good contractors. The house needed new electrical, plumbing, and other repairs before we could open our studio. At this point, the studio had been shut down for months.

Finally, eight months into 2021, we opened the art studio and jumped right into taking commissions and opening up our online store. We were in our dream home, and life was good. However, it was nonstop, and my body couldn’t take it anymore. The move and pushing my body too far caused debilitating pain. I pushed on anyhow.

We organized a two-month gallery show, released two books, music, volunteered, and worked on commissions all while we did repairs for our new home and built our lives back up. All the while feeling like we would never catch up and get back on track. We pushed through the holiday orders and finally got to a place where we could catch our breath.

Honestly, all of this would have been fine, it is just the luck of being busy as an artist who just moved to a new town. However, on the back end, everything we had in place to run our art business was old and outdated. Systems needed an overhaul, and everything was more complicated than it needed to be.

Enter the break.

Towards the end of 2022, we decided to take a few months off to get ourselves organized and restructured. During that time, we released the last audiobook, built a Rogue Artist Community site, created systems for our business (giving us more time for creativity), finished building our art studio, and updated our website and webstore.

Another artist I know said, “I’m jealous. I wish we could take a few months off and relax.”

Relaxing is next on our list lol.

My reflection on these last few years has taught me that no matter what is thrown at you, nothing can stand in your way as long as you are determined to keep going. However, making time for self-care and relaxation is paramount. We may be able to climb mountains, but you have to stop and rest along the way.

I can sit here and bitch about all the struggles we have had, but honestly, that’s just life. How we handle them and reflect is really what matters. We may still be recovering physically and financially, but what drives me forward is the same thing I was introduced to as a child. Hope. The difference is I surround myself with it now.

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How To Be A Badass Artist

Many people will ask me about my art and popularity and assume that I have always had some secret answer to both. The truth is much more exciting. Contrary to popular belief, I wasn’t born with it. In fact, I spent most of my life having abysmal social skills.

Any sentence containing the word “Rafi” would not be followed by a phrase containing the words popular, cool, or badass. It was quite the opposite. I was painfully shy and assumed that I would never amount to anything. Of course, back then, I didn’t push my own boundaries.

Just look at how cool I was.

In my shy brilliance, I understood I was introverted and scared to get in the limelight. Anything requiring me to face rejection or put myself out there would bring paralyzing fear.

So what changed?

I did. At some point in my life, I decided that life was too short to be invisible. I knew somewhere deep inside that I was stronger than I had believed. I also understood that the best way to conquer fear was to face it head-on. Hence, my art career. Sure, I wanted to share my art with the world, but honestly, this whole ride has been a self-conducted social experiment. I wanted to see if I could turn someone who felt broken and small into someone who would have a powerful creative voice in the world. To this day, this is what motivates me to create and put myself out there.

Here are seven things that I have learned along the way.

Worrying About What People Think Of You Is Useless.

This is one of the most powerful lessons I have learned. I had a hard time wrapping my head around it, but it was life-changing once I did. People will always have opinions, no matter what you do or say. Not doing a thing or holding yourself back and not living the life you want due to other people is a waste of precious time. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what they think. They have their lives. You have yours. As long as you are not hurting anyone in doing your thing, they can go fly a kite.

Invest In Yourself And Your Badassery.

Back in the day, everything I did could be traced to trying to get validation or some kind of reputation. I spent most of my time trying to prove that I deserved good things. I didn’t self-indulge in art materials because I thought it was not responsible in other people’s eyes. “Why do you need so many sketchbooks?” Because I’m a damn artist, that’s why. Invest in yourself, and don’t allow yourself to feel guilty about it.

If I was dating this would be my profile picture because I’m so cool. Thank the lord I am married.

Choose Carefully Who Influences You.

There are a lot of naysayers in the world. This is because most of them have given up on their dreams for some reason or another. These people usually have great arguments on why something isn’t possible. I guarantee you that they have spent their lives justifying their decision to quit and thus have a convincing argument. However, they are full of shit. Everyone I know actively pursuing their dream would never crush someone else’s dream. People that give up are so jaded that their only way of making themselves feel better is to convince someone else that their way of thinking is the correct way to see the world. You don’t need those people to influence how you will live your life.

Just Go For It, Especially If You Are Afraid.

The fear never goes away on its own. If you avoid it, it doesn’t get better. In fact, the act of avoidance just makes it worse. The only way to honestly face a fear is to do what you are afraid to do. At the beginning of my art career, EVERYTHING I did to put myself out there was terrifying. However, my life was exciting. When you push boundaries, fear is always involved as you have new experiences. Embrace the fear and have the adventure. The alternative is to just go back to how things have always been. For example, I am terrified to play music on stage and this weekend I will be performing music at our art exhibition. As scary as that is, the adventure of facing the fear is absolutely worth it.

I’m so cool that the autofocus can’t keep up with me.

Argue With The Stickman.

Every morning I calm my mind and breathe. Some call this meditation. I call it arguing with my stickman. The stick man is that inner voice like a drunk asshole that just blurts out the most damaging things about you. Most of us either take what they say as truth or try to bury the feeling inside us. Suppose you’ve heard yourself saying, “I’m so stupid!” or avoiding an unsettling feeling. That is the stickman. The stickman has a kegger in your mind, totally disregarding your furniture. Even if you hear yourself getting mad and throwing daggers because someone is trying to empower you, this can mean that the stick man is in control. Argue with that voice and remind yourself that you are capable. Just because it’s in your head doesn’t mean it’s true or even a belief that truly belongs to you.

Let Go Of The Past

The truth is that we all have epic stories of tragedy in our lives. I am talking about some horrible shit. Every one of us. We’ve all had painful experiences. It’s just part of being a human being. However, I’ve seen people stuck there and unable to move on from the pain because they carry resentment. I spent most of my life with the weight of resentment on my shoulders. It was limiting me from moving on with my life and approaching it as an empowered badass. Once I slowly let go of something, I could move on and reidentify with my badassery. I realized that by holding on, I was allowing someone who had wronged me to have control over my life and emotions. Fuck that.

This is my cool looking at my phone face.

Do It, Not Say It, And Spray It.

Back in the day, I constantly talked about things I would do but never took action. I think I was looking for validation for my ideas. It’s almost like looking for permission. As I started to change my way of thinking, I realized it was better to just do the thing and prove to MYSELF that I could do it. That’s where your power is. It is in what you believe about yourself. Everyone else can keep their opinions to themselves.

At the end of the day, this is an ongoing journey. We never get it done. I will be learning from my experiences and pushing more and more boundaries as I ride my life to the end. It’s not about fame or being famous. It’s about being yourself and unapologetically sharing your voice with the world. When you are genuine and don’t carry a chip on your shoulder, you will bring authenticity and love to the world through your art and everything you put out there. So I urge you to go for it because the world needs more artists sharing their creative badassery with the planet.

I’m such a cool magnet that I attracted this coolness… She’s SO cool.

You can take my word for it… cause, you know… I’m like, cool. The kids are still saying that right?

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Human Connection Is Everything

Last week was something of a blur. With everything going on lately, I frequently walk into rooms and forget where I am. I’m also guessing at what day of the week it is because I honestly don’t know. Our exhibition has been extended. We are working on commissions, trying to remodel the third floor (our bedroom), hosting guests, recording an audiobook, practicing for a concert, and figuring out how to create clones of ourselves. 

Have you ever had one of those days that felt like you were moving at the speed of light? This week (or month, I have no sense of time) has felt like that. 

However, some moments stand out—moments of connection where time slows down. As two “Artroverts,” Klee and I spend a lot of time hidden away in our studio, where we express ourselves through our creations. These creations will connect us with humans when we put them out there. Some may glance, listen, or read it and scoff. Some may ignore it, but some will connect. Some will even feel inspired to reach out to us; thus, the connection comes full circle.  

Robin came all the way from Kansas and hung out with us at the gallery. This was our first time meeting him in person. He is an amazing human and we were so happy for this opportunity!

Because we are very public on the internet, we get to connect with people from all over the world. This is something that still surprises me. I tend to forget that Klee and I are public personalities. This is because the reality is that we are total nerds. We are both socially awkward and weird. Yet, people from around the world have connected with who we are even though we may have never met in person. I think this is a beautiful thing.

Putting yourself out there and making human connections will always require being brave and taking chances. Engaging in conversation with someone new can be intimidating. Many creative folks are shy and would tweeze their nose hair out rather than start a conversation with a stranger. However, if you put yourself out there, you will have to step out of your comfort zone despite the nerves.

Something magical happens when you connect with someone in a conversation many miss because they are too scared to go for it. 

Darren drove in from Ohio and spent some time with us at the gallery and we had some really awesome conversation.

Listen, Klee, and I know what it feels like to be so painfully shy. Every time we put ourselves out there, we are pushing through a comfort zone. It’s gotten a little easier over the years, but the fear never really goes away. That being said, we keep certain things in mind when choosing to go public with our awkwardness.

Choose the things you like. It is easier to engage in a conversation when surrounded by people with similar interests. If you love reading, join a book club. If you create art, volunteer to teach an art class. Put yourself in an environment where YOU are comfortable. Talk about what you enjoy. Don’t jump on subjects because they are common or popular unless you are genuinely interested in them.

Embrace rejection for what it is. Everyone is not for everyone. You may click with some and not so much with others. Introverts tend to feel like they are on trial. You are not. You don’t need to gather friends, just people you connect with. If a conversation doesn’t jive, don’t blame yourself. It just means there was no connection. If someone rejects you, then it means they have no business being in your life anyhow.

Heather and Steve visited Oil City During their cross country trip and we spent a great time together. This was our first time meeting in person and it was awesome!

Be yourself. It is exhausting to try and be anything other than yourself. You don’t have to be anyone else to make a connection. Just be yourself and connect with your people. 

Have fun. I think we can quickly turn meeting people into a serious act for many of us. The truth is, if you make it no fun and are not having fun, then why do it? 

Be vulnerable. Don’t put up an act. Allow yourself to be more vulnerable. Don’t drop filters or boundaries, but don’t curate a version of yourself that is not you.

The Kirkman’s came in from Cayman Islands and spend a few days with us. This was our first time meeting and it was like hanging out with old friends.

These moments are magical. These moments only happen if you allow yourself to be who YOU are. Last week, we connected with some unique humans. Some traveled quite a distance to meet us. This is bravery, and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to share that time with them. This is what it is all about. This is the stuff of life.

Over the years, we have extended our Rogue family of creative humans across the globe only because we treasure our connection to them. In a world where everyone is chasing fame, likes, an algorithm, or money, I think it is important to remember that we are all human. We are all connected. We all cry, laugh, get stressed, jump for joy, and do our best in life. Our humanness and humanity are what can bring us together. It is also what has the most value.

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HI! We’re STILL Here! You Can’t Get Rid Of Us!

Klee and I are still at it! We have taken over Graffiti Gallery and we are not ready to let it go! That’s right! We are extending our show through September in Oil City at 210 Seneca St, Oil City, PA 16301.

Rafi and Klee are both extending their shenanigans at Graffiti Gallery in Oil City PA. They are showcasing all the art they love to create. This includes paintings, jewelry, sculptures, books, music, and more. They also want to invite creatives and forward thinkers to come out the first weekend in September and discuss where we are all heading in this amazing town and ways to get there. Come and find a retrospective of Rafi Perez’s paintings, sculptures, and Klee Angelie’s jewelry and creations. Come hang out and talk about life, listen to music, look at some art, and have a blast. The show runs through the month of September on Fridays from 4-7 and Saturdays from 11am-2pm. The gallery will also be open for private appointments, contact Rafi and Klee to schedule your private tour.

The show will run through September and each day will feature art creations and fun. The show is meant to inspire and delight and we plan to have a lot of fun while we are there. We look forward to meeting the amazing people of this community!

Sept 2nd (4pm-7pm) and 3rd (11am-2pm) – The Rogue Artist Book Readings And Discussions About Revitalization.

Come and meet Rafi and Klee at their first two month long art exhibition in their new town. Enjoy art, jewelry, music, and more at the exhibition’s extended run. Drinks and a fun atmosphere will be provided. Come ready to have a good time and talk about being a rogue! Rafi will read his favorite passages from his books throughout the day, he will also talk about their efforts in the revitalization and plans for their beloved town of Oil City and the region. If you are a rogue and are excited about this area please be there. The biggest enemy of innovation and progress is apathy, but there is a way to combat it and move forward despite the challenges. They will also hold a question and answer and brainstorm session throughout the talk. He will also sign books if asked throughout the day.


Sept 9th (4pm-7pm) and 10th (11am-2pm) – Live Paintings And Creations Throughout The Day.

Come out and spend some time with Rafi and Klee and experience art experimentations and creations. Including but not limited to live painting, jewelry, and music writing. Enjoy conversations about their travels, art, and why they moved to this amazing area and their plans moving forward. Also, Rafi will be demonstrating painting on his spinning easel throughout the days and creating something special for his new home town that will be given away to a lucky winner at the end of the exhibition run. Come in and get a free raffle ticket.


Sept 16th (4pm-7pm) and 17th (11am-2pm) – Music Concert – RAFI’S REDEMPTION TOUR!

Our Band Is Called Better On The Drums

Enjoy some art and some great conversation and some music practice during the day. Rafi experienced his first live performance and botched it the whole way through (well, that’s how he feels) and is hoping to make a strong comeback and blow the minds of anyone there brave enough to listen. The concert will start on Friday at 5pm and Saturday at 12pm. This laid back concert will be like hanging out with two friends while they sing and play guitar. 

This will be the second time ever that we perform as “Better On The Drums” our new band. Witness Rafi be nervous again on stage… or will he be?


Sept 23rd (3pm-8pm) and 24th (11am-2pm) – Let’s Get Uncorked! And Finally Say Goodbye.

Enjoy some art and great conversation during the day and come downtown for the wine walk. They say people love buying art when they enjoy wine so we are hoping to capitalize on the phenomenon. Well maybe. However, you know what else works with wine? Great conversation! This will also be the final weekend of the show (we promise) and we’ll be saying goodbye.


More About Oil City Uncorked

Oil City Uncorked Happens on Friday, September 22, 4:30 – 8:30 pm in downtown Oil City (north side business district). Sample from 10 regional wineries (plus a sprinkle of spirits & brews) located at various host businesses within walking distance! Participating vendors: Allegheny Cellars Winery, Black Dog Wine Company, Cart/Horse Distilling, Country Hammer Moonshine, Deer Creek Winery, Emlenton Brew Haus, Fat Chad’s Brewing, Fractured Grape/Novosell LLC, Groundhog Winery, Happy Hour Winery, Starr Hill Vineyard & Winery, Twisted Vine, Two Birch Winery, Webb Winery, and The Winery at Wilcox. 

Light refreshments will be available at host businesses, plus downtown restaurants will be open for regular dining. Souvenir tasting glass included with ticket. Oil City Uncorked is for ages 21 & over, valid ID required on event day. Tickets are available online through this link (processing fees apply), at the Oil City Library, 2 Central Avenue, and at Core Goods (starting 8/31/22), 219 Seneca Street. Proceeds benefit the downtown revitalization efforts of the Oil City Main Street Program.