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Becoming A Work Of Art Yourself

I have always been fascinated by portraiture, and what I think of as an artistic snapshot of the personality of a human being in motion through life. Although I admire and have an appreciation for portraits, they’ve never really been my favorite thing to work on.

Until now…

Rafi art portrait

I am currently working on some studies, where I take images of real people and apply them to the life concepts that I put in my collections.

Rafi art portrait
“Creative Blast” By Artist Rafi Perez Original Painting On Paper 11X14
Rafi art portrait
“Ruby Red” By Artist Rafi Perez Original Painting On Paper 11X14
Rafi art portrait
“Reborn In Fire” By Artist Rafi Perez Original Painting On Paper 11X14
Rafi art portrait
“Flowing In Light” By Artist Rafi Perez Original Painting On Paper 11X14
Rafi art portrait
“Visions Of Tomorrow” By Artist Rafi Perez Original Painting On Paper 11X14

I am always looking for inspiring pictures, and would love an opportunity to paint you or someone you know into a piece of “Rafi Art” and as my friend said, be immortalized.

All you have to do is email me an image and some info to

Please Follow These Rules Of Thumb:

  • Images must be sharp and not blurry.
  • Please have good lighting in the photo.
  • I will accept- close up of the face (preferably no smiling for the camera poses), artistic poses, tasteful nudes, something that tells a story, or just an awesome photo.
  • It would be helpful if you gave me a little insight on the person in the image.
  • Things like, favorite color, strengths and what you would like say with the painting are helpful.
  • Please keep in mind that if you are chosen for one of the works, I will take the image and info and create something inspired by the information, but ultimately I retain full control of the creative process. This is not a commission. If you would like to commission me, contact me with details for consideration.
  • If your image is chosen and created, you are in no way obligated to buy the original piece, these are studies that will be done on 11X14 paper. I will send you a printable copy via email that you can print out (FREE) as a thank you.
  • I will contact you if I intend to use your image. This is a side project so please be patient.
  • By sending me an image you are giving me permission to use it in this project.

Thank you! I love you guys!

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Stephanie’s Mermaid By Rafi Perez

I had the honor of meeting with a wonderful person who wanted a statement piece for her new digs. Her story was inspiring, and right up my alley for the kind of commission I love to work on. I love it when people jump out of their comfort zone… It’s awesome.

She had reached out to me after a good friend recommended that she should own a “Rafi” piece in her new abode.

Stephanie's Mermaid By Rafi Perez
The Reveal With Stephanie

After a fantastic phone conversation where we talked about everything from having a positive mindset, to pushing past comfort zones, and I scheduled an appointment to meet in person.

I like meeting with someone, whenever possible, to get a feel for who they are. I have a series of questions that give me a little insight to who they are, and what they want.

Stephanie's Mermaid By Rafi Perez After a great conversation, taking measurements, and staring at the space (I’m sure it looks weird as I attempt to visualize the piece and how it will interact with the other objects and colors in the room) I had what I needed to get started.

Stephanie's Mermaid By Rafi Perez

My notes are usually very simple, I use single words to evoke the conversation we had, the colors that mean something to the person, and my own intuition.

This is what I wrote:

  • Mermaid
  • Bright Light
  • Turquoise
  • Positive Energy
  • Inspire Others
  • Blue
  • Purple (Different Shades)
  • In tune with touch (Massage)
  • Fierce
  • Empowered
  • Create a piece that will be a magical and constant reminder of self development and self empowerment.

The end result was amazing, and the mermaid just came to life in the space, and in the energy of its new home.

Stephanie's Mermaid By Rafi Perez

I am very proud of this piece, and honored that I was given the opportunity to create her.





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Bespoke Original Artwork By Rafi Perez

I  believe that every home deserves a special custom-designed exhibition masterpiece. A conversation piece that will stop your guest in their tracks. A deep piece that has a fascinating story behind it that will promote an interesting evening for everyone involved. Art has that power especially if it is beautiful and interesting.

Rafi Perez Sunset Commission 2016
Rafi Perez Sunset Commission 2016

I love commission work because it pushes the envelope on what I already do. In the past commission work has taken me down paths of thought that I may not have thought of.

There are several things I consider when agreeing to do a commission.

Is it something I can emotionally get behind?

My paintings are emotional in nature so if it is a concept or design that doesn’t have some kind of emotional feeling the creative flow just wont work for me. I’ve had people approach me and ask if I’ll paint their yacht and not really have a story behind why. Just not my thing. On a different note, I don’t do pet portraits, but a woman approached me with a powerful story about her best friend who changed her life. It was her dog who had recently passed away and she wanted a reminder of him. I jumped on the opportunity to create something so beautiful and powerful.

Does the person love my work?

I have a very unique style and it is important to me that the person commissioning me to create something loves my previous work. I’ve had people who find out I’m an artist and ask me to do a commission without ever even looking at my art. I’ll usually tell them to look at my art and then get back to me. On the other hand I have people who love my pieces and will want something that already sold, I’ll usually ask what the piece meant to them and create a piece based on their response.

Rafi Perez Art For Coco Design Pensacola
Rafi Perez Art For Coco Design Pensacola

Is it empowering and makes me feel good in creating it?

Since I am an emotional painter, I am very aware of what I am feeling when creating a piece. Considering the amount of time I spend with each piece, I do not work on anything that is negative in nature. I had a gentleman ask me if I could create a piece of him with a gun to his head and have my splatter style coming from the other side of his head. I said no thanks. Yet I had someone ask for the four horses of the apocalypse, the concept was so cool that I jumped on it because of his empowering story of why he wanted them.

Is is super awesome?

If it meets all the criteria above and is something that I have never done before, but it excites me… I’m all over it.

How To Commission Rafi?

It’s pretty easy, just contact me and we can discuss. You can contact me via email by clicking the button at the bottom of the page or call me at 815-342-9448. It’s painless and free. Once we discuss what you want, and we both agree that it is awesome, I’ll require a deposit of %50 to get started. Shipping cost will be the responsibility of the buyer.