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Become a Jedi Master Of Artists

So, it’s no surprise that Klee and I are nerds. Klee will proudly boast that she has dressed up as a wizard for the Harry Potter book release. I am a huge comic book fan and we both love every fantasy and sci-fi series that exist out there.


With the new Starwars movie coming out Klee and I decided to have a movie marathon and watch Starwars episodes 1-6. Thus I was inspired to compare myself to the Jedi, because why not.  So I recorded a video about why being an artist is like being a Jedi Master.


Here are more amazing sayings of Yoda and being a Jedi Master.

1. Hard to see, the dark side is
2. Truly wonderful the mind of a child is
3. Great warrior, hmm? Wars not make one great
4. Already know you that which you need
5. Size matters not
6. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering
7. Mind what you have learned. Save you it can
8. Do or do not. There is no try
9. Always in motion the future is
10. Named must your fear be before banish it you can
11. You will know the good from the bad when you are calm
12. Much to learn you still have, my old Padawan. This is just the beginning!


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Rafi Live Painting At Empowerment Sat 11-5-15

“Empowerment” is a Food drive for Manna Food pantries. I will be doing a live painting along with some other very talented artist. The painting will be auctioned off to raise funds for MANNA.

Along with amazing live art creations by awesome artists (Mikaela Schelt and Nate Lyle), there will be art, live music and food. There will be a juried art show with the theme of Empowerment and how each unique artist perceives it.

Music starts at 2:30 and will continue until 10pm.

The last “Empowerment” show collected 680lbs of foods for families during the holidays. The goal this year is to raise 1000 lb of food.

This is an awesome show for a very good cause.

When:  Saturday at 2:00pm – 10:00pm 67°F / 49°F Clear

Where: First City Art Center – 1060 N Guillemard St, Pensacola, Florida 32501

What: “Empowerment” For MANNA food pantries

How Much: $5 + a non-perishable food item

Why: Because it’s an awesome event for a good cause


For more info joint the Facebook event page

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Be Childish and be happy

When was the last time you sang a song because you were happy? When was the last time you went puddle hopping on a rainy day? These questions might seem a little ridiculous, but if you have ever complained about feeling unhappy or old, I would look a little closer at the answer.

Age doesn’t matter, what matters is whether or not your age causes you to think that you have to approach life in a more serious way. If most of the nonsense beliefs about what it means to be an adult were true, I don’t think there would be much fun in the world.

“Everyone should make the transition from irresponsible to responsible”.

I don’t know, I think it’s all bullshit.

Rafi and Kee Artists

People who are athletes, artists, musicians and actors would have to go out and get “real” adult jobs at some point in their lives, because “Everyone should make the transition from irresponsible to responsible”.

I don’t know, I think it’s all bullshit.

“You need to work hard, do you think you’ll EVER make money with your stupid little drawings and your stupid little pictures?”

I believe we grow up with a long standing belief that as we age, we are supposed to become more curmudgeonly. We complain about the “real” world and make sure to tell our children to quit being naive and be more realistic. We even have stupid slogans and mantras, so we can make sure we don’t forget how much life really actually sucks. Things like “You’ll understand when you’re older” and “If you work hard and do your homework, you’ll be somebody.” I was actually told by one of my parents “You need to work hard, do you think you’ll EVER make money with your stupid little drawings and your stupid little pictures?”

None of this is done on purpose, just passing down the brilliant gems of bullshit through the generations.

What that meant to me was, you stick with a job even if you hate it, because someday maybe you’ll retire, and then you can do what you want to do with your life. I think the issue is that we take advice on happiness from people who don’t really get it, so they repeat what they THINK you have to do to be happy, then you repeat it with your kids. None of this is done on purpose, just passing down the brilliant gems of bullshit through the generations. On and on it goes, a bunch of people learning crap that they think will lead to happiness if only they could figure it out.

I suggest just going back to your childlike mind when things were simpler… here’s how

  1. Fill out your own permission slip – Take a field trip and go explore a place that you keep meaning to go to. Go to the aquarium, a museum, or a nearby tourist attraction. If something looks interesting, take a break and go.
  2. Do something fun – For absolutely NO productive reason other than to just have fun. Draw with chalk, pick flowers, play with toy soldiers in the bathtub, anything… Just have fun.
  3. Explore – Walk around your block without any intention. Just see what’s going on, maybe even using a big fallen branch as a walking stick or a wizard’s staff. Just walk and see what happens.
  4. Run, skip or dance if you feel like it – Flail your arms, have a dance party, sing loudly as you skip through town.
  5. Be silly – Make funny faces, find things to laugh about, speak in weird accents and just be silly.
  6. Try a new look – wear something fun and unique. Pretend you are a superhero for a day.
  7. Tell it like it is – Tell everyone what you actually mean… wow, what a concept.
  8. Tap into your innocence – Give someone the benefit of the doubt, as if you don’t know how to be cynical, judgmental, sarcastic or conditional yet.
  9. Assume you’d be really good at something – an astronaut, an inventor, a musician, a doctor… anything. Assume it they way you did before someone told you to be “Realistic.”
  10. Change your mind easily – According to Alison Gopnik, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley, kids’ brains are extremely flexible, “so they can change what they think based on new evidence very quickly and easily.”
  11. Don’t take no for an answer – If there’s something you want to do, be persistent. The only way you can fail is if YOU give up.
  12. Visualize a tomorrow with endless possibilities – Remember the moment where a bed and a hairbrush was a stadium full of millions of fans, watching you rock the stage. It is the formation of those powerful possibilities that cause you to feel passion towards something. You can do that with everything and you can do it now.
  13. Forget what was tough about yesterday – who cares, it’s gone… young children don’t hold grudges. They could fight over a toy and ten minutes later they’re playing again. Somewhere in the process we learn to hold grudges, just let it go. Live right now in the moment.
  14. Ignore something someone says if it limits you – When kids are younger, they tend not to listen to anyone tell them they can’t do something. I tried to fly, and I did for 2 seconds, despite what my grandmother said. It’s when we get older and are more concerned with being a “Good” kid that the limitations get gobbled up. Be young and remember, your life… your possibilities.

Enjoy and have fun.

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The Best Wedding Gift Surprise Ever

Several month ago Kris commissioned me to create a piece that was based on Amanda (His soon to be bride) as a wedding gift. We talked at length about their adventure, and the trials and victories of the Appalachian Trail which they hiked together. Klee and I fell in love with these two adventurous and beautiful spirits right away. I jumped on the opportunity to create a piece based on such an amazing person.


We decided to do the surprise at my exhibition, since Kris could easily find an excuse to come and see it before it comes down October 1st. I propped the piece up with a tag that read “Rattle Snake Jane’s Lookout” (Rattle Snake Jane was her trail name) “This piece was comissioned by Kris for his lovely soon to be wife Amanda.

Klee and I both cried, it was the most amazing reveal I’ve done to date. I am so honored to have been a part of something so awesome. Watch the video to see for yourself.

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One On One With Rafi Perez Sept 25th 4-8pm

The opening reception on September 11th 2015 for You Are Here: The Strange Curiosity of Right Now was a huge success. Gallery Night was the following weekend and was another successful night.  A lot of the pieces sold, but most patrons are leaving them on loan until the end of the show on October 1st.

Because both nights were so crazy awesome busy, I didn’t get to many chances to speak one on one with people. So this Friday Sept 25th I’ll be at the gallery for a low key meet and greet.


What: Rafi Solo Art Show – YOU ARE HERE: The Strange Curiosity of RIGHT NOW

When: Meet and Greet, September 26th from 4PM-8PM

Where: Marty Campbell Gallery  –  126 Palafox Pl, Pensacola, Florida 32502

Show Runs – Sept 11th – Oct 1, 2015

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Rafi Perez Solo Art Exhibition

On Sept 11th 2015, I launched the opening for my solo art show “You Are Here – The Strange Curiosity of Right Now.” The opening reception was a huge success and the show is running until October 1st 2015. The show features over 100 works of art, including installations, paintings and sculpture.

There was an acoustic performance by the amazing band Dinosaur Daze and fantastic food by Monica Gaskins. The show is hosted by Marty Campbell Gallery in Downtown Pensacola.

“I’ve always been very fascinated by the concept of right now. That fleeting moment that takes place inside your mind, it dictates how you feel and what you think about. The show will exhibit a body of work that is a study of the various emotions that can exist in a fleeting moment of right now.”

“Art is such a great representation of the relative nature of the concept of time because the experience takes place in the viewer mind. Things will sow down when you get absorbed by the colors, texture and the subject of a piece if it triggers an emotion response that is personal in nature. Yet, nothing will happen to the flow of time if the piece doesn’t speak to you in any way, you simply move on to the next.”

What: Rafi Solo Art Show – YOU ARE HERE: The Strange Curiosity of RIGHT NOW

Where: Marty Campbell Gallery  –  126 Palafox Pl, Pensacola, Florida 32502

Show Runs – Sept 11th – Oct 1, 2015

Rafi Perez is a self-taught artist who’s sense of adventure and constant experimentation in his studio has led him to develop a painting technique with unique characteristics.

His ambition with his paintings is to use symbolic shapes, figures, texture and colors to express his deepest emotions and passion for life. This leads him to apply paint to the canvas in unusual and interesting ways. His paintings also require layers upon layers of paint to create a sensuous and turbulent surface texture that is as vital and as complex as life itself. He uses color to allure an imaginative and emotional response from the viewer. His dynamic depictions of the human experience and expressions are the product of many days of working and reworking.

His Paintings represent the discovery of mysteries of the subconscious mind that are part of his own personal journey in life. The art holds the promise of dreams, visions, fears, intangibles, and will. It is a collaboration of the mind and spirit. It is designed to speak to the viewer in a confidential language. Once a piece of art grabs you, you cannot help but interact with it; it demands contemplation, study, feeling, and flights of fancy.



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Sometimes You Just Have To Be A Unicorn

So, not everyone can be a unicorn. Unicorns are mythical creatures who drink coffee in the morning and focus on the magic of life. Usually they are referred to as Pollyanna or someone who wears rose colored glasses. I take it back, EVERYONE can be a unicorn, but some don’t find it practical.  They think you have to keep your eyes open and live in the REAL world.

Honestly, the real world is just a subjective interpretation of what you see with your brain, the meaning you’ve attached to said items or circumstances is all you. Basically, we are all simply making this shit up as we go. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, it simply is the way it is. It’s the reason two people will argue two completely opposing views and both believe that they are completely correct in their argument.

I figure, if we are all just making it up as we go, why not just be a unicorn and make every day awesome.

I’ve been working on some pieces lately that are slightly out of my comfort zone. I’ve been interviewed on TV, in the newspaper and was asked to write a guest article for a magazine recently… Things like that are also outside of my comfort zone. Usually when I am doing something that makes me slightly nervous or is beyond what I think I can do, there is that voice of negativity that says,

“You know, you’re going to mess this up and make an ass of yourself.”

Luckily, my unicorn self is also there and says

“You’re going to be amazing, just be yourself and have fun… you’ll be great.”

That’s why I think, sometimes you just gotta be a unicorn.

My first SOLO art show, talk about shitting bricks. Luckily my unicorn self has my back.

My first SOLO art show, talk about shitting bricks. Luckily my unicorn self has my back.



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Look For Article In Pensacola News Journal on Saturday Aug 29th

Rafi and Klee Interviewed By Pensacola News Journal Eye On Art Mike Roberts

Last Saturday if you happened to come by the market you may have noticed that we were engaged in an intense conversation with someone in our booth. You may have been wondering if we were figuring out the cure to world hunger, or how to bring about world peace. Although those are on my bucket list, it wasn’t anything like that.

Pnj Rafi and Klee
Pnj Rafi and Klee


We were actually talking about ourselves, Klee and I were being interviewed by Mike Roberts who writes for the Pensacola News Journal. “Mike Roberts Eye On Art” had his eye on us for next Saturday edition (Aug 29th).

So with much anticipation, I wait and hope I didn’t say anything ridiculous, which I tend to do when I get a little nervous. Honestly, I doubt that will be the case, Mike Roberts was really cool and easy going. Klee and I had a lot of fun answering some really thought provoking questions and showing him some of our more recent pieces.

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Dreamlike In The Garden Nude Painting By Rafi Perez

This piece is inspired by the freedom of allowing yourself to dream with no inhibitions.


Dreamlike In The Garden Nude Painting By Rafi Perez


The nude is laying at a dreamlike perspective. Thick brushstrokes and different signature layering techniques, create a prestigious, three-dimensional appearance. layers of paint, in the proper lighting, provide a beautiful shadow on her body and background and seemingly change dimensions. This is a work of art that has partially gotten its inspiration from the old masters in nude portraiture, with a contemporary edge.

Rafi Perez Dream Like In The Garden
Rafi Perez Dream Like In The Garden

I wanted to create something beautiful and stunning, yet peaceful.

Rafi Perez Dream Like In The Garden
Rafi Perez Dream Like In The Garden


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Interior Designers Find Art Here

Art for Interior Designers. Bespoke, hand-painted art for residential or commercial interiors.

I understand some of the challenges faced by interior designers when it comes to sourcing appropriate artwork for your projects. Rather than spending increasing amounts of time sourcing existing artworks from shops, galleries or catalogs, you can now commission artwork exactly how you want it. In short, I turn your ideas into original works of art.


I can create any number of paintings for you, from a single canvas for a domestic interior, to the artworks for a hotel with 100+ rooms. Depending on the project, your paintings will generally take 2-6 weeks to complete.

All works are created to a museum quality finish, and to the exact size.


So, how does this work?

How I work is largely up to you. Usually, I’ll start by having an initial chat and discuss what you have in mind and the amount of wall space you’re looking to cover with artwork.


We can discuss the location and details, I will need as much info as possible.

– Size of The Art Work in Exact Inches or Centimeters.
– You might choose to supply fabric swatches, pantone numbers or Paint Color Swatches and Names.
– You might like to forward several existing designs or artwork that you’d like your me to use as inspiration.
– You May want one of my pieces, but with colors that match or complement your designs.
– The initial conversation is very casual, and we’ll go from there.


Once we’re agreed on all the details, I will list the piece with all the details of our agreement for your review. After a partial payment, I’ll get started on your piece.
From date of commission to delivery will take 2-6 weeks.


I’ll will send you photos of the artwork at various stages of completion if you request it. This keeps you up-to-date with progress and allows you to request alterations if necessary. Once you’ve given your final approval, piece will dry and then be delivered or shipped to the location you request.
All pieces are ready to hang. If you would like the pieces framed, that is also possible.