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The Pendulum By Rafi Perez

Recently, I sold a piece I created called “The Pendulum” to an amazing woman that I consider a dear friend. She told me, that the moment she laid eyes on it, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.


This piece seemed to speak to her, the way it spoke to me when I created it.

It’s a portrait of Mother Earth and Father Time, in their relationship with the world and each other. His imagery is cloaked in the vastness of the universe, representing time and space. She is wrapped in the growth and beauty of the earth. She also dominates the scene, relaxed and supported by time as she basks in her sunshine.


This scene symbolizes our perception. That moment when time stands still, and nature surrounds us. We become part of that nature, and time lowers his head and relinquishes the illusion of control over our lives.


The piece is meant to introduce you to the decision we make every moment, of every day. You have a choice, to focus on time, or focus on the beauty that surrounds you. Focusing on the moment, is focusing on nature, causing time to slow down and fully experiencing the moment of right now.


Focusing on time or the lack there of, causes time to dominate, and the natural world gets lost in your thoughts.That’s when you loose your grip on right now.

The interesting thing is that time will always take a backseat to nature… If we just stop, listen, look, and choose.



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My Saturday Night Art Party

I was asked yesterday if I was going to an event that we were invited to, called “Art Party is Dead.”

My answer was “no, I already have plans.”

Now, I’m sure “Art Party Is Dead” was a blast for everyone that went. I’m also sure that among the body painted performers and neon lighting, people were wondering where Klee and I were.img_8278

For the record, we are hermits, don’t drink all that much, and are socially awkward… But that doesn’t usually stop us from uncomfortably socializing and pretending to be normal.

Like I said before, we had plans…

We were having our own awesome art party with some very special guests to our studio.

There was music, art, imagination, wonder, good friends, pretty girls, good lookin’ dudes, and even some body paint… Lots of body paint… But probably not the kind of body paint you are thinking.

If you ever want to watch something great, give a paintbrush and some paint to a 1 year old and let them take over… It’s amazing, and scary all at the same time.

Also, watching a child paint seems to bring magic back into the world… Just sayin.

So if you are ever wondering what an awesome time looks like for an artists like me… It looks like this:




So, thank you for the invite, and I do apologize for not going (maybe next time), but as you can see… Awesomeness was to be had in my art studio.

Also, thank you to my special guests… Hope you enjoyed the visit 🙂


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Be Childish and be happy

When was the last time you sang a song because you were happy? When was the last time you went puddle hopping on a rainy day? These questions might seem a little ridiculous, but if you have ever complained about feeling unhappy or old, I would look a little closer at the answer.

Age doesn’t matter, what matters is whether or not your age causes you to think that you have to approach life in a more serious way. If most of the nonsense beliefs about what it means to be an adult were true, I don’t think there would be much fun in the world.

“Everyone should make the transition from irresponsible to responsible”.

I don’t know, I think it’s all bullshit.

Rafi and Kee Artists

People who are athletes, artists, musicians and actors would have to go out and get “real” adult jobs at some point in their lives, because “Everyone should make the transition from irresponsible to responsible”.

I don’t know, I think it’s all bullshit.

“You need to work hard, do you think you’ll EVER make money with your stupid little drawings and your stupid little pictures?”

I believe we grow up with a long standing belief that as we age, we are supposed to become more curmudgeonly. We complain about the “real” world and make sure to tell our children to quit being naive and be more realistic. We even have stupid slogans and mantras, so we can make sure we don’t forget how much life really actually sucks. Things like “You’ll understand when you’re older” and “If you work hard and do your homework, you’ll be somebody.” I was actually told by one of my parents “You need to work hard, do you think you’ll EVER make money with your stupid little drawings and your stupid little pictures?”

None of this is done on purpose, just passing down the brilliant gems of bullshit through the generations.

What that meant to me was, you stick with a job even if you hate it, because someday maybe you’ll retire, and then you can do what you want to do with your life. I think the issue is that we take advice on happiness from people who don’t really get it, so they repeat what they THINK you have to do to be happy, then you repeat it with your kids. None of this is done on purpose, just passing down the brilliant gems of bullshit through the generations. On and on it goes, a bunch of people learning crap that they think will lead to happiness if only they could figure it out.

I suggest just going back to your childlike mind when things were simpler… here’s how

  1. Fill out your own permission slip – Take a field trip and go explore a place that you keep meaning to go to. Go to the aquarium, a museum, or a nearby tourist attraction. If something looks interesting, take a break and go.
  2. Do something fun – For absolutely NO productive reason other than to just have fun. Draw with chalk, pick flowers, play with toy soldiers in the bathtub, anything… Just have fun.
  3. Explore – Walk around your block without any intention. Just see what’s going on, maybe even using a big fallen branch as a walking stick or a wizard’s staff. Just walk and see what happens.
  4. Run, skip or dance if you feel like it – Flail your arms, have a dance party, sing loudly as you skip through town.
  5. Be silly – Make funny faces, find things to laugh about, speak in weird accents and just be silly.
  6. Try a new look – wear something fun and unique. Pretend you are a superhero for a day.
  7. Tell it like it is – Tell everyone what you actually mean… wow, what a concept.
  8. Tap into your innocence – Give someone the benefit of the doubt, as if you don’t know how to be cynical, judgmental, sarcastic or conditional yet.
  9. Assume you’d be really good at something – an astronaut, an inventor, a musician, a doctor… anything. Assume it they way you did before someone told you to be “Realistic.”
  10. Change your mind easily – According to Alison Gopnik, a professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley, kids’ brains are extremely flexible, “so they can change what they think based on new evidence very quickly and easily.”
  11. Don’t take no for an answer – If there’s something you want to do, be persistent. The only way you can fail is if YOU give up.
  12. Visualize a tomorrow with endless possibilities – Remember the moment where a bed and a hairbrush was a stadium full of millions of fans, watching you rock the stage. It is the formation of those powerful possibilities that cause you to feel passion towards something. You can do that with everything and you can do it now.
  13. Forget what was tough about yesterday – who cares, it’s gone… young children don’t hold grudges. They could fight over a toy and ten minutes later they’re playing again. Somewhere in the process we learn to hold grudges, just let it go. Live right now in the moment.
  14. Ignore something someone says if it limits you – When kids are younger, they tend not to listen to anyone tell them they can’t do something. I tried to fly, and I did for 2 seconds, despite what my grandmother said. It’s when we get older and are more concerned with being a “Good” kid that the limitations get gobbled up. Be young and remember, your life… your possibilities.

Enjoy and have fun.

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Sometimes You Just Have To Be A Unicorn

So, not everyone can be a unicorn. Unicorns are mythical creatures who drink coffee in the morning and focus on the magic of life. Usually they are referred to as Pollyanna or someone who wears rose colored glasses. I take it back, EVERYONE can be a unicorn, but some don’t find it practical.  They think you have to keep your eyes open and live in the REAL world.

Honestly, the real world is just a subjective interpretation of what you see with your brain, the meaning you’ve attached to said items or circumstances is all you. Basically, we are all simply making this shit up as we go. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, it simply is the way it is. It’s the reason two people will argue two completely opposing views and both believe that they are completely correct in their argument.

I figure, if we are all just making it up as we go, why not just be a unicorn and make every day awesome.

I’ve been working on some pieces lately that are slightly out of my comfort zone. I’ve been interviewed on TV, in the newspaper and was asked to write a guest article for a magazine recently… Things like that are also outside of my comfort zone. Usually when I am doing something that makes me slightly nervous or is beyond what I think I can do, there is that voice of negativity that says,

“You know, you’re going to mess this up and make an ass of yourself.”

Luckily, my unicorn self is also there and says

“You’re going to be amazing, just be yourself and have fun… you’ll be great.”

That’s why I think, sometimes you just gotta be a unicorn.

My first SOLO art show, talk about shitting bricks. Luckily my unicorn self has my back.

My first SOLO art show, talk about shitting bricks. Luckily my unicorn self has my back.



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Am I Inspired?

If you are a creative person, chances are you’ve asked this question.

I find that if you feel joy constantly as you are refining and tweaking your ideas of what you want to accomplish, then you’re on the right track of inspiration. It is so important for you to get everybody else out of the equation. Just remember that they’ve got their own thing going on; they cannot possibly fully understand your vision. Let them off the hook; stop asking them what they think. Start paying attention to how you feel. Just create what you want to create… A lack of inspiration is nothing more that your focus being on what other people might think of your creation.

Live Painting Rafi Perez



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Dreamlike In The Garden Nude Painting By Rafi Perez

This piece is inspired by the freedom of allowing yourself to dream with no inhibitions.


Dreamlike In The Garden Nude Painting By Rafi Perez


The nude is laying at a dreamlike perspective. Thick brushstrokes and different signature layering techniques, create a prestigious, three-dimensional appearance. layers of paint, in the proper lighting, provide a beautiful shadow on her body and background and seemingly change dimensions. This is a work of art that has partially gotten its inspiration from the old masters in nude portraiture, with a contemporary edge.

Rafi Perez Dream Like In The Garden
Rafi Perez Dream Like In The Garden

I wanted to create something beautiful and stunning, yet peaceful.

Rafi Perez Dream Like In The Garden
Rafi Perez Dream Like In The Garden


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The Future Is Now

We spend so much time worrying about the future.


What if, for just a moment, you imagined that life is all happening right now?

Even when it’s happening Right now, you are experiencing it in you mind.

You may be told that you are not being realistic, or that you need to think about tomorrow. The truth is, the only moment we really have is right now, this very moment when you are reading this. Look around you, hear the sounds, look at the colors, feel the temperature and breath… This is happening.

Tomorrow is a figment of your imagination, as is yesterday. Experience this moment now, change it if you don’t like it or milk it for all it’s worth if you do. Right now is your only guarantee so you might as well be here.

Just a thought.