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GOOD LUCK – Virtual Group Collab Lab Art Show – April 2020

This is an example of something that I am very excited about that is coming in September! This is a group show called “Good Luck” that we did in April. This is something we do with our Rogue Artists on Patreon. The Collab Lab is a challenge we do with amazing creatives from all around the world. This particular challenge involved working on our projects with our non-dominant hand. Enjoy the innovation. The next show will be coming in September and it is called “Shine A Light” and is quite powerful. In the next virtual show, There will be links to the artists, just in case you want to find out more about them. Enjoy Good Luck!

April Collab Lab – GOOD LUCK

  • Parameter 1 – Use your non-dominant hand (primarily).
  • Parameter 2 – Use a hair-brained idea you previously shelved.
  • Parameter 3 – Limit your materials to 4 elements – 4 colors, 4 notes, 4 ingredients, etc.

I chose watercolor painting, and letters because I knew for sure it would reveal the very limited abilities of my right hand. I swear I didn’t cheat.


Collab Lab May! This piece is to represent my second annual Inspiring Hope Art Hunt. Last year was my first year inspired by @Rafi I used green yellow and black paint with a palette knife and my cricut for the word hope. Used it like a stencil. I couldn’t paint a straight line with my left hand if my life depended on it. Lol.


I’m calling this “Going For It”. My “hair-brained scheme” that has been shelved multiple times is this… I’ve done these strange blue pen doodles for as long as I can remember. They’ve almost always been done on bits of scrap paper, my planner pages, etc. When I worked the desk at a local gym back in the day (5am shift) I did a hella-ton of them on my “phone call notes” pad. I cannot draw real-life stuff very well at all, but these creatures and weird things seem to come to life when I put pen to paper. I liked a blue pen because it forced me to work with whatever I did rather than erase (which someone like me would to endlessly) and also, something about blue pen represents my subconscious in a way I can’t articulate. The “hair-brained” idea was that someday, I’d show them to someone other than myself and Rafi… maybe even start them up again and actually put some of them out there. So… I did this one with my non-dominant hand, of course, and limited myself to 4 hours to complete it (I draw slow, even slower with my left hand it turns out). I finished it in 3.5 hours. Because of the uber crazy movements, my left hand wanted to do, I tried to work with how it naturally wanted to move, rather than try to force it to act like my right hand. I got kinda good after the first hour! I think I’ve rekindled the desire to follow this trail (with my dominant hand going forward) and see where it leads.


Hello everyone! Here is my collab lab project. It’s stained glass approximately 11” x 20”. It’s done with 4 colors and designed with my left hand as you can see by the random areas of wonkyness. It’s my interpretation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I’ve always thought his whole painting would look so beautiful in glass but it’s always been too overwhelming to try it. I did try to work out a design once but gave up on it. Maybe I’ll try it again someday but for now I’m happy with this version


Here is my left hand painting of my nemesis rocks(must train left sided brain that things are different even if they’re in a row). Lol. My four colors were cad red med., cad yellow med. ,ultramarine Blue and white. And I also only used four different brushes.


Having one of Those Days, so you’ll have to settle for a screenshot (I filmed the process for youtube lol). Drawing was slow, but okay! I couldn’t paint leaves, so I just used the paintbrush as a stamp, p much XD Four paint puddles.


Left hand painting Complete. Wouldnt paint reality. Piece about paranoia . Definately no social distancing being practiced here.


Colors used green, white, black, and yellow. (Technically white and black are values but we’ll just call them colors) btw, the right side of my body is cramped up and I can’t get off the couch very easily… or move… or anything the RIGHT SIDE!


OK, not really feeling done with this yet – But, happy to turn it in now. I can see this growing as the muse strikes me. There will probably be glow in the dark paint and LED lights involved. I did have to put my personal mark on the face. I had an excellent model… The moon may as yet have to be adorned in it’s very own red bandanna. Yes, except for a few occasions that required power tools (not willing to risk fingers!), all the rest was according to the rules. By the way, this is all reclaimed wood from around my yard. It is VERY VERY heavy. I was thinking wall and then I though better and put feet on it. My four elements were: reclaimed wood, recycled plastic, acrylic paint, and glue.


Well, if nothing else, the challenge made me realize 4 things; how far I’ve come with some of my skills, how distracting doing what is expected can be (important reminder), that I may want to spend more time with pastels, and finally, how important it is to just let go when it feels right! Thank you, what a great first challenge!. P.S. I chicken pecked this with my left hand.


This is a tossed away project/idea when I first started painting. To me, it was cray-cray… so, I’ve now painted it over with my left hand and attempted to abstract it to challenge myself to not be so in control. 4 colors are Bright Aqua Green, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Primary Red and Carbon Black.


My good luck art collab. Piece…my process isn’t nearly as exciting as others i felt so other than stabbing my self a thousand times…using weaker hand wasn’t that bad…i just used raw wool (it still had the pills in it) and a string of fairy lights. During the say it kinda looks like an alien cocoon but I do like the glow at night.

Wicked Fiber
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Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Rafi And Klee Studios

I’m writing this because sometimes I don’t feel as creative as usual. There are days where I’m just staring at a blank canvas, or the cursor blinking on a blank screen as I attempt to write my book.

With my book in particular, I’ve been stuck. I’ve been in a middle-earth of wanting to write, but can’t.

I am writing this right now to Be Raw. To Be Real. To Be Honest.

To Be Present.

For me, inspiration starts the moment that I just focus on this moment right now. The joy of writing this line. The idea that one of you may read this. It’s inspiring. As long as I allow myself to go there.

Inspiration does not magically show up when I snap my fingers. Although, there are days that I wish it worked that way.

Sometimes I’m on fire… other times it’s more of a tiny flame

Inspiration for me is like a small buzzing of a bumble bee that is skipping from flower to flower. Fuzzy concepts and ideas that don’t have any solid foundation.

And then, just like that — Poof. It’s gone. The tiny bumble bee turns into a grouchy old man yelling words of self-doubt, self-apprehension, and indecision into my brain hole.

“Shit, I had it!”

The crumpled piece of paper.

Sometime I just have to be Patient, Open, and Honest.

And Present.

Because, inspiration comes from inside of us. It comes when you least expect it, or when you most expect it. It is your best friend, or a bitter ex girlfriend. It could be an inspiring memory, or a new experience. It comes from moments of frustration, fire and passion. It comes usually when you are ready to give up.

Ultimately, your inspiration is you. It’s how you see the world. So no matter how stuck you may feel.

Don’t give up yet… and keep smiling.

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Yay! I Won Best Of Show!

I recently created a piece out of recycled plastic bags and it was giant. Two things that have been on my to do list for quite some time was to create a life size sculpture, and create something awesome using garbage.

Nature Of Being Sculpture By Rafi Perez
Nature Of Being Sculpture By Rafi Perez

Crossing both of those off my list with this awesome Nature Of Being Sculpture that I created for the Artel Gallery show called “RECYCLE, REUSE, REPURPOSE… REPEAT.”

And guess what??!? I WON BEST IN SHOW!!! How awesome is that?!

Opening reception will be Thursday May 3rd, 6pm-8pm at Artel Gallery in Downtown Pensacola.

Nature Of Being Sculpture By Rafi Perez
Nature Of Being Sculpture By Rafi Perez

This sculpture is modeled after a series of mine called the nature of being. This series combines human beings with trees to create a beautiful symbol of being rooted yet consistently expanding towards the heavens. Connected, growing, evolving, expanding, and beautiful is the message that I want to convey.

In this piece I wanted to expand on that message, by using old plastic bags to create the form and pose. I wanted the piece to be dynamic, to show some distress, yet be fluid and organic in its movement.

The message is open for interpretation, but in my mind, it is nature reclaiming the world, and bouncing back from the brink.

Nature Of Being Sculpture By Rafi Perez
Nature Of Being Sculpture By Rafi Perez

  • What: Art Exhibition – RECYCLE, REUSE, REPURPOSE… REPEAT.
  • Where: Artel Gallery – 223 Palafox Place, Old Escambia County Courthouse, Pensacola, FL 32502
  • When: April 24-June 1st, Opening Reception May 3rd, 6pm-8pm
  • Why: Because it’s awesome! Come hang out with me during the opening reception!


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Do What You Can With What You Have

There was once a boy who wanted to be an artist. This boy spent all his time planning and thinking about a way to be able to accomplish this. He knew that everything needed to be perfect. He would need all the best equipment, all the best education, and most of all, enough pieces to justify showing and being taken seriously.

Do What You Can Rafi Perez

In case you are wondering, this boy was me, and that plan was crap.

I couldn’t ever seem to create enough work to justify showing my art. As far as getting the best, anytime I purchased some equipment, something better would come along that I now needed to get. Not to mention, I was stuck working the family business and didn’t have time for school… not that I could afford it.

So, I spent most of my life wishing and eventually giving up on an art career.

Do What You Can Rafi Perez

It was only a few years ago that I just jumped in and did it. I pretty much had nothing to get started, but I had enough.

I had a bit of crappy old paint, some poster board someone donated to me, and some old pieces of wood. Most of all, I had people around me that didn’t discourage me, well… mostly… kinda.

I realized I had it all wrong back in the day. It wasn’t about waiting until everything was perfect, because that is an unattainable goal. It was about getting started with what you had. I also learned that it’s OK to start small… as long as you start.

Do What You Can Rafi Perez

Listen, I feel like the worst thing we can do in life is regret not doing something. That means being willing to fall on your face, pick yourself up and keep trying, at least until you make it, or you just don’t care anymore.

It came down to one question:

Are you willing to fall on your face, look like an idiot and put yourself through hell to accomplish what you want? Sure.

…and, just keep moving, even if you fall down… just keep moving.

Do What You Can Rafi Perez

So, if you have something that you’ve been wanting to do, go ahead and start… start small, it doesn’t have to be a grand gesture… just a bunch of micro gestures.

Those small steps add up over time, and take you further than waiting around for the perfect moment.

Besides, why not just do it? You don’t have to quit anything, you don’t have to leap over a tall building… just take a step.


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Live Art Event You Wont Want To Miss Nov 17, 2017

This next Gallery Night I’m going to be a part of something that is both nerve-racking and exciting. Get ready for:

drawing rally

Art at the Annex: Drawing Rally

On Friday, November 17 from 6 PM – 9 PM, During Gallery Night, at The Cowork Annex (13 Palafox Pl.) is going to be an event that I have rarely experienced here in Pensacola.

Part live art-making performance, part arts community awareness. Watch as local artists create artworks from start-to-finish while under a three hour time limit in front of a live audience – who can silently bid on the works as they are made.

Are you kidding me?? That sounds amazing!!!

Glow In The Dark Live Painting At Vinyl 2016
Glow In The Dark Live Painting At Vinyl 2016

Join us for this exciting live event – including fire dancing performances, music by AnyDayDJ.Com, an interactive creation station, photo booth, and tours of downtown’s new cowork @nnex facilities! @rt at the @nnex is free and open to the public on 11.17 from 6-9pm – during downtown Pensacola Gallery Night.

Participating artists:
Josh Green, Jarrod Goldman, Famous Gabe, Loren Miller, Kenneth Jordan, Carter J. Gaston, Marina C. Quirk, Brennah St. Ores, Rafi Perez (hey that’s me!), Elizabeth Matthews, Wolfy Howell, Tina Ogden, Nate Lyle, Anne Gray, Angelenia Edwards and Lindsey Gray.

This is such an amazing group of artists, I am truly honored.

Rafi Perez Live Painting Empowerment
Rafi Perez Live Painting Empowerment

WHAT: Art at the Annex: Drawing Rally

WHERE: The Cowork Annex (13 Palafox Pl.)

WHEN: Friday, November 17 from 6 PM – 9 PM, During Gallery Night

WHY: Because it’s awesome!

To all my awesome artists friends, updated artist participation list online. Deadline for artist participation is Nov. 14th. Details and application online at


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The Origin Of Passion

Recently I entered an international art competition. Well, first let me say, I entered an art competition, which was nerve racking for me. Yeah… Nerve racking… Weird, right?

As part of my 2017 growth as a person, and artist goal, I’ve decided to enter as many international art competitions as I can. Some of you that watch my videos, or have read past blogs, know I have an unreasonable fear of art competitions.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my fear was getting in the way of my achievements as an artist. How am I supposed to win an international art competition, if I’m paralyzed by fear of being judged inadequate? Or worse, what if I win?

Yup, the closer I looked, the more I started to realize that I was also afraid of winning.

The Origin Of Passion By Rafi Perez

Now, let’s get something straight, I really don’t care much about winning or losing. I also am not very concerned about opinions or criticisms about my art. I rather enjoy them, I love hearing the unique perspectives that the viewer brings to the work. Even when it’s negative, I learn something about people.

I mean, c’mon, one of my best friends sees something lewd or sexual in just about every piece I create – sometimes he can’t help it. If I got offended or hurt , I wouldn’t be able to enjoy his genuine reaction to the art. Come to think of it, my father is pretty much a perverted twelve year old when it comes to my art too, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t phase me.

I painted a beautiful painting of a bald eagle for a benefit event, for the Northwest Florida Wildlife Sanctuary. My dad showed up and told everyone it reminded him of a retarded parrot. I didn’t care, he’s genuine… and a little like a retarded parrot himself.

I would rather have genuine reactions, no matter how childish, than polite smiles and scripted responses because people are afraid to hurt my feelings.

That being said, I feel like competitions can be a bit cold. The human interaction between the work can easily be mechanical, because you are comparing pieces to one another and not allowing your relationship with the art to fully form.

The Origin Of Passion By Rafi Perez

But, either way, what was I talking about? Art competitions, I’m doing them this year… Why not?

So my first piece that I’ve created is based on a competition with a tag line of “Passion To Perform.”

I struggled a little with this because the word perform has such a corporate connotation to me. Your performance is evaluated at the end of the year, and the over all performance of the company, and blah blah blah.

You can imagine how the word passion just didn’t seem to fit in my mind.

Luckily, I’m married to an extremely brilliant woman, who also happened to be a vocalist for over a decade, and has a different spin on the word perform.

“It’s like, when you get up on stage and sing, or you dance at the ballet, or act on Broadway… If you are passionate, it shines through.”

Oh… Duh…

So I created this piece called the Origin Of Passion. It is the representation of how I believe the seed of passion can bloom. That contemplative moment, where you are thinking about giving up, and realize that you must move forward. Despite the roadblocks, naysayers, and dark days, you are determined.

The golden words in her hair are the reminder of the power that this passion brings you. Courage, strength, growth, determination, perseverance, inspiration, boldness, vision, and creativity.

The Origin Of Passion By Rafi Perez

I remember back when I quit my corporate job and was reevaluating my life, and wanting to be more creative, a lot of my friends and family were not supportive. In fact, not supportive is an understatement, I’m sure there were a lot of concerned conversations, judgement, and name calling.

But I didn’t care, because I was, and am passionate about my life, creativity, and spreading a positive message into the world. I think if you are passionate about something and you practice courage, strength, growth, determination, perseverance, inspiration, boldness, vision, and creativity… You become unstoppable… Even when your aunt thinks you’re crazy.