Agoggles Sculptures

Agoggles are small sculptures created by Rafi and Klee designed to be your biggest yet smallest cheerleader you’ll ever need.  These simple creatures are fascinated by you! Their little hearts are so full of love and adoration that they release happiness and goodness into any room. Agoggles! They Think You’re Amaze-Balls!! We will be adding more Agoggles fun in the future including an Agoggles Children’s book, so stay tuned.

Agoggles thrive in loving and happy environments. Like plants producing oxygen, Agoggles exhale joy happiness and excitement. Agoggles also love attention. They prefer to be placed in relevant areas where they can be excited about everything you do. Agoggle do not eat or produce waste, so they are rather easy to care for. What they do need, is someone to love unconditionally, and if you are reading this, it is probably you!

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