Resources For Artists, Freelancer’s, And Small Businesses

These are a few resources and links for websites that I find helpful and fun for artists. If you are interested just click on the link and it will take you to the site. If any of the links are not working or you have a suggestion to add something, just contact us. We will keep adding resources to this page as we think of them. This page is new, so expect a lot more resources as we have time to add them. IF YOU WANT LINKS TO SPECIFIC EQUIPMENT AND STUFF WE USE IN OUR STUDIO CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR AFFILIATE LINK STORE.


Resources For Freelance, Self Employed, And Independent Artists In All Mediums

Freelancers Union
This is a non-profit organization which is free to join and offers resources for freelancers and independent workers, including healthcare resources, education, advocacy, financial planning, and special rates on products and services that may benefit you. They are funded by their for-profit Freelancers Insurance Company.

PSE UKIPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, is the voice of the UK’s self-employed population who make up one in seven people working today. We make sure freelancers, interim managers, consultants and contractors are represented to Government.

The Independent Filmmaker Project
Founded in 1979, The Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) is the largest and longest-running not-for-profit dedicated to independent film.

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Where We Get Materials & Supplies Online

Blick Art Materials
This is where I go online to get most of my art materials. I have a local place where I buy a lot of my stuff, but they don’t have a website.

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Clear Bags
This is where I buy my protective plastic sleeves.
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Jerry’s Artarama
This is my second place to get art materials and supplies. Look for coupons.
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This is where I pick up most of my shipping supplies, shipping is a bit expensive, but it is quick and worth ordering in bulk.
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Got Print Dot Net
This is where I order all of my marketing material like business cards and whatnot. I know a lot of people use vistaprint, I do not, this is a better deal if you order 1000 and up.
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American Science & Surplus
This is the coolest place, offers science kits, educational toys, school supplies, arts and crafts items, hobby tools, scales, lab glass, housewares, electronics, and so much random stuff.
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I am reviewing their art products and so far, they are amazing.
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Resources And Info For Artist Based On COVID-19

We decided to add this section for anyone that is looking for information during the pandemic. Being an artist or small business is hard enough, so we put together information here. BTW contact any businesses or the bank about payments that are due to them and see if you can defer the payments for the next couple of months. We have some followers who have done that and got payments deferred for three months… It can’t hurt.

Also, Please Reach Out To Your Local And State Art Agencies For Any Grants Or Aid They May Have For Self Employed And Freelance Artists.

Artist Emergency Grants & Relief Funds
Glass Arts Society has resources for where to find grants during these times.

Americans for the arts live webinar
They are discussing what they know and how to move forward. Current information about actions to take. Mostly for non-profits and museums, but useful congressional info.
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Artwork Archive continues to gather and create resources in response to this global pandemic. Their business is devoted to supporting artists.

Freelance Artist’s Resources
This is a freelance artist’s resources page that has a whole bunch of links to helpful resources.
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CERF+ serves artists who work in craft disciplines by providing a safety net to support strong and sustainable careers. Our core services are education programs, advocacy, network building and emergency relief. 
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Small Business Interruption Loans under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act)
Download PDF for more information.

New York Foundation for the Arts has a full list of emergency grants to serve financial need of artists all over the USA.

Artist Relief Grants
To support artists during the COVID-19 crisis, a coalition of national arts grantmakers have come together.
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Arts Ready Dot Org
This is which is an online emergency preparedness service by and for arts/cultural nonprofits, provides arts organizations with customized business continuity plans for post-crisis sustainability.
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FRLA (Florida Rest & Lodg Assoc)
Here is a good bit of info for the available SBA loans. It’s a good deal and does cover sole-proprietors. A lot of forgiveness.

Bank Loan And Responses To COVID-19
Type in your bank name and COVID-19 and you should see a page for their response to the epidemic if not found below. Email us if you have anything to add to our list.

Government Sites
Check On the IRS site for change in the deadline for tax payments, and stay up to date on the virus from the real sources, not the news.

National Endowment For the Arts
Message from National Endowment For The Arts Chairman, with a link at the bottom for national resources available to artists.
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Patriot Software – Small Business Relief During Coronavirus Pandemic
They have great updates and links to help out small businesses.
Go To Small Business Relief During Coronavirus Pandemic

Indiegogo Local Business Relief Program
Indiegogo is known as a crowdfunding platform, but they also focus heavily on building communities. With the rapidly evolving news around COVID-19 pandemic, they want to help communities come together and support each other. 

Techniques And Creative Tips

This is where you’ll find tips and tricks for art creation. A lot of times when I am working on something new I find information that is necessary when working on a project, and I’ll share it here.

Substrate Index From
A really awesome and indepth index of surfaces and how to prepare them for painting.
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Website Stuff, Running Your Online Business, Shipping, And Multiple Streams Of Income (Check Often)

This is where you’ll find anything partaining to our website or multiple streams of income we have online. You can visit the sites and do your thing on them.

We have our site at which is owned by Automatic. There is a difference between what you get with .org vs .com. With the paid service you get advertising on your blogs. Not much revenue, but it is something. Mostly we sell things from our own site using woocommerce.
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Sell your t-shirt designs and more. Also join the partnership and create fanart products for others. The percentages aren’t huge, but it’s a great way to put stuff out there
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YouTube Partnership
Get ad revenue on your videos, plus all kinds of opportunities once your channel grows. You must have 1000 subscribers to become a partner.
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Printful Print On Demand
For my print on demand, I use printful. They can be integrated with woocommerce, test, and many other shops.
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This free service allows us to intergrate woocommerce, etsy, and other platforms for shipping. It is pretty amazing. All our shipping resources in one place.
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Royalty Free And CCO License Reference Photos And Vids

This is where you’ll find tips and tricks for art creation. A lot of times when I am working on something new I find information that is necessary when working on a project, and I’ll share it here.

Pixabay has over 1 million photos and videos that are nearly all published under Creative Commons Zero License (CC0). I also use this site for free stock footage for videos.
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Moma Uk Images For Artists
This site has more links of websites where you can find images. Sometimes when I get stuck, I go there and look around.
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Library Of Congress
Once inside a collection, select ‘View all’ and make sure to click the ‘Larger image available anywhere’ tickbox to show only images with high res versions to download.
Go To Library Of Congress

Wikimedia Commons
It contains over 30million digital files that editors of Wikipedia can use, or that can be downloaded by you or I for other uses. Be careful though, check the source.
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This site accumulates free stock photos from other sites around the web. Very easy to browse lots of images quickly and all are mostly published in the CC0 license.
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Use the photos for any purpose, including commercial, so long as you change them in some way.
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Paint My Photo
This was recommended by one of our amazing YouTube family members
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More To Come.