Collab Lab Art Challenge Online Art Shows

Below you will find the awesome creations by artists from all around the world who participate in our Collab Lab Challenges. Only our Patrons are able to submit their art for this special online art show. Other artist are more than welcome to participate in the challenges on their own. Find out more about The Current Collab Lab Challenge Here.

It's interesting to me how doing something vs talking about it can make all the difference. I am an Artist,
Doing my taxes was always a pain in the ass, but at least back then all I had to deal
I'm very excited to say that I sold four paintings this weekend. I was not as productive as my usual
So as you know at one point I was going to make the tag line for Rafi Was Here Studios
Klee and I had a wonderful day having a photo shoot in which we took several great pictures for some
Klee and I are super excited about being in the upcoming Gallery Night here in Pensacola Florida!!! More to come...
Happy Valentine's Day everyone... Hope you had a spectacular day!
Recently I've had the honor of filming a group of amazingly talented musicians who have come together in a musical
This year we are getting a new look here at Rafi Was Here Studios. As you I already love to
So you are making some videos and sharing them with the world. You want to take it the next level