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It's interesting to me how doing something vs talking about it can make all the difference. I am an Artist,
Doing my taxes was always a pain in the ass, but at least back then all I had to deal
I'm very excited to say that I sold four paintings this weekend. I was not as productive as my usual
So as you know at one point I was going to make the tag line for Rafi Was Here Studios
Klee and I had a wonderful day having a photo shoot in which we took several great pictures for some
Klee and I are super excited about being in the upcoming Gallery Night here in Pensacola Florida!!! More to come...
Happy Valentine's Day everyone... Hope you had a spectacular day!
Recently I've had the honor of filming a group of amazingly talented musicians who have come together in a musical
This year we are getting a new look here at Rafi Was Here Studios. As you I already love to
So you are making some videos and sharing them with the world. You want to take it the next level
In This skit Klee and I are "parking" and I was totally going to get to second base until we
Chances are if you live in Pensacola Florida you've seen a crazy looking truck with the words Watch us on