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Recently I was presented with an exciting and challenging commission.
Recently I was given the honor of creating a piece of art for a great local company.
Bob Marley repeated simple words in my mind with imagery of three little birds.
So, I bet you are wondering why there is such a dramatic title to this blog post.
After a beautiful Conversation. I decided to do it, and it needed to be perfect.
I seem to learn a big lesson every year, it can be quite challenging at times.
I am excited to announce that Klee and I will be out at the Holiday Makers Market.
I hope to see you all at the reception and share a wine tasting with you.
So, to stay in the spirit of the holiday season, Klee and I are doing a sale on EVERYTHING!
Wow... the day has finally arrived. This is the deadline for pre-ordering calendars and there are 3 hours left.
Important dates and updates on your 2018 calendar.
Watch as local artists create artworks from start-to-finish while under a three hour time limit.
I am always looking for inspiring pictures, and would love an opportunity to paint you.
I have had several request for a "Rafi Marine Art" Calendar... Like, a lot of request.
Recently, I was asked to create a piece that was unique and quite amazing. It was amazing for three reasons.
I am very excited to announce that this years limited edition calendars.
New jewelry creations by Klee Angelie in October 2017.
New Art this week by Rafi Perez.
We will be part of three events this weekend. I am inviting you to join us in the fun!
I seem to have always been fascinated by birds, but why?
I'm so excited! I am working on pieces that will allow you to curate any space
To be on fire, I recently sold a piece of art that symbolized a very special story.
Hi guys, here is a short story I wrote a while back, I wanted to share this with you.
One of my favorite artists Salvador Dali once noted “I am not strange – I am just not normal.” and
A necessity for anyone that is wondering what this whole life thing is about.
This morning I woke up in a slight panic as I looked around my studio and realized that I may
As some of you know, I won best artist for 2016. Now it's time for 2017.
They say that your surroundings are a reflection of what is going on in your mind.
The other day was a pretty difficult day for us.
So, in case you are wondering why, I think I'll let you into the crazy tangle of optimism that is
So, I have a confession... I'm taking back control of my own sense of happiness.
My philosophy? I'm alive, and my purpose in life is to live my life as fully as I can.
Some of you already know that I am a big supporter of overcoming fear. This is how I face mine.
One of the pitfalls of selling my art is the fact that many times I don't get to see where
It's been said that I spend a lot of time in my imagination. In school, daydreaming was something I was
He stood there and stared at it for a while... didn't say anything... Then said it looked like sh..
For me in this beautiful day, I will spread joy in appreciation for Easter in the form of Easter memes.
I was invited to create something new out of something old that will be something awesome for something that we
The other day, I was at the market and someone gave me a really nice compliment. I then preceded to
Have you ever had someone tell you that you would fail? If you have, then welcome to the club, this
Hi! I've been thinking about you and feeling a great sense of gratitude.
We have some new creations to share with you this week, both Klee and I are super excited about it!
It was about nine years ago, when I ran across this excerpt from a speech by Teddy Roosevelt. This is
I am getting ready to become a recluse for the rest of the month, but I want to share some
We have some new creations to share with you this week that both Klee and I are super excited about!
I am looking forward to see you at the reception on March 16th! Here is a preview of the show.
I will be having a solo show March 7th - April 7th. Reception will be on March 16th from 6-8pm.
I had the honor of meeting with a wonderful person who wanted a statement piece for her new digs.
So, I'm excited to announce that we have some really awesome things planned for this year.
I just delivered and hung one of the largest paintings I have created thus far.