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Some people call this awareness “mindfulness,” I like to call it "open your eyes yo!"
I think this statement says a lot to explain how changing my perspective had a huge impact on the way
There is this interesting thing that happens when someone finds out I'm an artist.
There are 5 things I remind myself of daily in order to really get the most out of life.
A few weeks ago I spoke at the Santa Rosa Art Association about the perils of being a perfectionist as
I practice feeling grateful, and before you start rolling your eyes, and think I'm talking about some secret or something,
This is my social commentary on the way that people talk to themselves or the way they see themselves.
I'll be doing a demo and talk about the beauty of imperfection at the Santa Rosa Art Association on February
The phoenix is about overcoming darkness and rising to the challenge.
Happy Valentine's Day!!! Time to sacrifice a goat in a cave!
maybe it is because its been gloomy all day, but I've been thinking about happiness.
Something special for this 2019 Valentines day. It's on sale for 20% OFF until February 10th 2019.
Once a week I'll be sending you a new post with our creations for the week, by Rafi Perez and
I know what you're thinking about the title, but I can be quiet... sometimes.
This time of year I always seem to find myself more contemplative than ever.
Ho Ho Ho and such! I've got some important news about ordering, Holiday shipping times, and all the craziness involved. 
These are gifts that are both affordable and meaningful from our collections of fine jewelry and fine art.
My goal is to ship them the same day I get them from the printer, so it may ship earlier.
Cyber week sale! Nov 20th-25th Enjoy 20% off all items in our shops, no coupon code necessary. Take advantage of
There are so many things to be appreciated in life.
This month is always fun for me, because it marks the anniversary of Klee and I taking a chance on
I am very excited to announce 2019 Limited Edition Rafi Art Calendars Available!!!
Yeah, this is one experience here in Pensacola you are definitely not going to want to miss.
I am excited to announce that I'm so busy that I have no idea what I'm actually doing, so this
Sunflowers & The Nature Of Being. Join me for the reception on Sept 13th from 6 -8pm.
I am honored to say that I have created some little piggies... well, they're not really that little.
No walls, no borders, no race, no color, no gender, and no real separate identity... Just human beings living on
I was invited to live paint at a private event held for the new Southtowne Apartment residents.
You guys know how much I love my silly and witty t-shirts, but did you know I'm gonna be making
25th Anniversary Show at Artel Gallery in downtown Pensacola. Come join us on the 14th.
I recently decided to expand my art and hit a market that I've always been a little too afraid to
Happy National Smile Day!! Go ahead and give us a smile!
For the this Memorial day weekend I have these for 25% off and 10% off everything else.
Updates To Our Privacy Policy At Rafi And Klee Online.
If you want to be safe from rejection, then don't put yourself out there.
Rafi And Klee Interview Vivid Bridge Studios
We have been interviewed before, but never something like this. A mini documentary? About us?! 
Being the agent of positive change in this world is a label that I've proudly given myself, I ask that
Two things that have been on my to do list for quite some time was to create a life size
I know it's true because my eyes get itchy and I find myself sneezing uncontrollably. But GREAT time for a
Warning, you may read things that concern you, don't worry, I'm fine, this is just a way to get the
Klee and I bundled up and like the old explorers of Antarctica we braved the elements to spread our message
As this week comes to a close, I look around my messy studio and ponder the events that lead up
The date has been announced for the art hunt! #INSPIREASMILE
Are you willing fall on your face, look like an idiot and put yourself through hell to accomplish what you
Nature Of Love By Rafi Perez
These pieces are inspired by the journey that I have been on with my beautiful wife Klee.
Balloon Man By Rafi Perez
I like the idea of questioning the whole delusion... Cause, you know, I can't be right ALL the time.
Every year I try to do something for my adoptive town and all the amazing people that collect my art.
Some of you know that Klee and I have a YouTube channel where we talk about life.
I know that a lot of people out there assume that I spend my days blissfully ignorant to the real
Recently I finished three pieces in a series called The Nature Of Being.