Artists #inspireasmile With Art

Every year I try to do something special for all the amazing people that collect my art and others in my community. We’ve had open studios where I’ve printed out hundreds of prints to give away, we’ve also given stuff away at live paintings, and every once in a while I donate a piece of art to a charity for auction.

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#inspireasmile Art Hunt

What I do is leave anywhere between 50 – 100 small pieces of art around town within the downtown area of Pensacola. In addition to the art I also have small sketches that say empowering things, meant to brighten someones day.

#inspireasmile Art Hunt

#inspireasmile captures the essence of why we do these art hunts. Also, it helps us try and collaborate with artists who are interested in doing something similar in their town.

The idea is to spread around some happy, positive, empowering messages, and try to inspire a smile from the world. It seems sometimes, that the world could use it. I know I could have used it many times.

How To Join In

  • Create several small pieces of art that will be easy to put around town. Keep in mind materials and location, in case they sit out in the rain, wind, or other elements. I’ve also created magnets, try to not do stickers because they would be considered defacing property.
  • Use the hashtag #inspireasmile or your own variation of it, and use it when you share any pictures online. simply add #inspireasmile in descriptions, comments, or titles.
  • Create a small tag and tape it to the art that says Take Me Home I’m Free – #Inspireasmile & Your Website.
  • Set a date and start promoting it on social media at least a week in advance, using the hashtags.
  • Go out and have fun leaving them around town, preferably all within walking distance from each other. Take a lot of pictures.
  • Share a picture with us on social media and tag us so we can see it.