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I HATE TAXES! or At Least Doing Them!

Doing my taxes was always a pain in the ass, but at least back then all I had to deal with was a w-2… I would plug in my numbers and watch my refund grow, submit it, run into a few issues here and there but it was relatively easy.

When you run your own business the game changes into one of tears and confusion. I’ve spent all day organizing spreadsheets, calculating cost, inventory and what ever else I THINK I’m supposed to be calculating… Unfortunately it’s all still a mystery.

Maybe it’s my foul disposition on doing these taxes that is messing me up.

Today was an absolutely beautiful day, yet I feel like I evoked Murphy’s Law from the moment I decided today would be a good day to finally do what I had been putting off for months.

When you run your own business as sole proprietor you are supposed to fill out a 1099-C… The only problem is that when you first look at the 1099-c, it looks like you need to be a genius at code breaking.

Like I said… Foul disposition. I’ll be continuing my battle with numbers tomorrow, but I think I’ll try to have fun and relax while I do it. We’ll see what happens.

Worse comes to worse the Local IRS office does offer to help you with your taxes for free if you make under a certain amount a year… If they can help figure it out, I’m their number one fan!

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