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Below you will find businesses and artists who we love and support, and who support us! These are the sponsors for every artist video, podcast, lessons, and anything for artists we do online. We would not be able to share what we share without them. Show them some love by visiting their websites. Become A Sponsor By Becoming A Patron.

Annie Sylling Art

Hi, I’m Annie Sylling and I love to create. Art has been my “safe-haven” since I was a young child. So, I’ve been creating for most of my life. I love getting in touch with my soul and forgetting the real world as I create. I am a multi-media artist, creating with collage, acrylic, pastels, India inks, and watercolor. Though I now spend most of my time freestyle painting (my new love), I also create works of wildlife, nature, and fantasy. I take commissions for portraiture and have done several custom pieces for clients. Facebook URL:: Instagram URL:: Other URL:: or

Art by Chantal Dupuis

Nature artist who loves to paint any and all critters of this world. Facebook URL:: Instagram URL::

Art Within Subscription Box

Art Within is an art subscription box to help you ease stress through creativity. Abstract art projects are delivered to your door each month with all the supplies required to complete the project(s) of the month, simple step-by-step instructions, access to how-to videos and a private Facebook group to share your work with the creative community. 
All skill levels are welcome and the projects are suitable for ages 8 and up. The projects will help aspiring artists build skills and experiment with different mediums. My goal is to encourage creativity and help kids and teens (or anyone interested) create outside their comfort zone. Focusing on something positive and productive like art can have a big impact on wellbeing. 
Here’s where you can find info:
Instagram @createartwithin
Facebook @createartwithin 

Artful Home Accents

This is Lisa’s collection of handcrafted home accents

Artful Mailboxes

Lisa Kirwan creates beautifully handcrafted and popular mailboxes.

Azura Small Paws Instagram

Check Out Megan’s Instagram and show her some love for her beautiful creations.


Everything I can do guides me towards the next step. Although I prefer to hide in my studio, my inner world is immense. It’s now time to share it with you. Facebook URL:: Instagram URL:: Other URL::


CM Ralph is a multimedia artist and glass engraver located in Northern California. Their brief but spectacular claim to fame was creating and publishing the world’s first LGBTQ Computer game in 1989. Big personality, big love, and big adoration from us! You can also find this awesomeness on

Christine Andrews

I love her textured and abstract work! Check her amazing art out! You can also find her at Instagram: Facebook:

Cruz Kai Art

We love Cruz’s heart, positive spirit and her beautiful art! Give her some love and get to know this amazing person and her beautiful work.

Dana Ellis Art

We LOOOOOOVE Dana and her art! Beautiful art, beautiful human! Also check her out on Facebook: Dana Ellis Art or Instagram: dana_ellis_art

Esther L Jones Art

Esther is an amazing pastel artist and we adore her and her work! Check her beautiful art out and show her some love.

Everett McKee Art

The words friggin awesome don’t even cover how awesome he is, check out his stuff and show him some love! You can also find him at

Everett Stanton Studio

Everett Stanton is not only an amazing human, but his art blows me away. Check it out, you will not be sorry.

Fiona Meng Art

Beautiful work by Fiona! Check her out! and give her some love! She is also on Instagram: Facebook:

Glass Forest Art

We adore her and her creations! Nature guided creations in various mediums. You can also find her at Instagram URL::

Glowing Roots, The Intuitive Art of Rika Dehombreux

My name is Rika Dehombreux. I’m from Belgium. I create mainly intuitively (spiritual or visionary), sometimes realistically to improve my skills. I love watercolors, acrylics, oils, colored pencils, and experimenting with mixed media. I often dwell in the realms of light beings, ascended masters, and nature spirits like fairies. My body of work is very eclectic. My goal is to create art that reflects hope, love, joy, beauty, and compassion. Facebook URL:: Instagram URL:: Other URL::

Harmony Goddess Art

Beautiful beautiful work and an amazing story of why she does what she does… truly beautiful human. You can also find her at Instagram = Facebook Page = Facebook Group = Twitter =

Holly Wong - Visual Artist

Holly is a San Francisco-based artist who creates installations, assemblages and works on paper. This is her art website which catalogs her work along with details of her exhibition and current shows, along with links to articles about her work. Holly is quite amazing, her art just blows our minds, and she is a bright human that we simply adore! Check out her work, you will be blown away too! You can also find holly at and

indigo Lux Studio

Check out Charise’s Amazing work and show her some love on instagram.

janet gomes

A collection of personal experiments, doodling, learning, and adapting to circumstance. Keeping my mind engaged and distracted. Finally getting to enjoy being creative… but very, very, slowly.

Jonny Windows Art

He does it all! Window cleaning by day and artist by night… well, evenings.

Kelly Sterr Gallery

Amazing work by the amazing Kelly Sterr! You can also find Kelly at and

Kimberly Pusey

I adore Kimberly’s work, full of vibrant colors and joy. You can also find her on

Kolorful Kas Art

My name is Kassandra but I go by Kas and I’m an artist/painter/illustrator/graphic designer and a gamer living in Texas. I post my paintings, illustrations, speed paintings, and various artist adventures for your enjoyment. We adore Kas, her and her art are amazing! You can also find her at and

Kyle Wood Creations

From surreal to cartoon, I enjoy creating a variety of images. I offer original mixed media as well as hand-printed block prints and digital prints. Also, I am in the process of creating more books including coloring format and sketch prompts. I blog on my site as well.  Facebook URL:: Instagram URL::

Lee S Jordan Studio

The work I create is expressive and abstracted. I do a lot of research and create sketches and color studies. This creates a subconscious pool of ideas for when I am creating. My process is a mix of exploration and experimentation. Layers and layers of mixed media are added and subtracted to give different textures and effects on paper, wood, and canvas to emphasize the subject and their individuality. Every mark and color choice is part of the visual story. Viewers can experience the work at a distance and see expressive lines and colors or closely with noses almost touching the painting to find hidden symbols and details. I work with acrylic, oils, and found media. Instagram URL::

Linda Ursin Art

A beautiful human, and beautiful art! Mythical artist, photographer, intuitive & designer based in the Norwegian mountains. You can also find her at and

Liza Compass Productions LLC

My name is Liza Compass, and I’m a multidisciplinary artist with synesthesia creating visual art, music, performance art, and YouTube videos out of Tampa Florida! You can find Liza at Facebook URL:: Instagram URL:: Other URL::

LunaStella Naturals

Skin and body care that encourages you to nurture yourself with nature.

Mau Loa Expressions Art

You will absolutely love what this artist has to offer! A variety of custom arts and crafts. From resin creations and glass etchings to personalized fluid art Paintings. You can also find her at and

Michelle Driver - Threefold Designs

An awesome Australian tapestry artist + handweaver. She can also be found Facebook URL:: Instagram URL::

Nancy Roberts Studio

We adore Nancy! Nancy Roberts is known for her bold color, dynamic design, and inventive, slightly quirky style. We are so stoked to have her as part of our awesome artist community!

Natalie Callwood

Natalie Callwood is a visual artist based in British Columbia her joyful and colorful paintings are a celebration of life and we adore her. Check her out! You can also find her at ,,


I use watercolor to create paintings. I’m often inspired by mountain landscapes, animal and human faces, flying and crawling creatures, plants, and flowers. Some of my paintings are simple studies; others reflect attempts at capturing moments of beauty. I hope my paintings will inspire moments of serenity, contemplation, meditation, and appreciation. Each painting is an original, one of a kind hand-painted piece. Facebook URL:: Instagram URL:: Other URL::

Pyrelight Studio

43-year-old artist coming back to art after a 20-year hiatus. Illustrations, acrylic abstracts, and watercolor/inks. Facebook URL:: Instagram URL::

Raven Flying Above

Check out Megan’s art on deviant art!

Rebel Heart Creations

I’m a self-taught jewelry artist, polymer clay and resin artist. Creating things is my Zen, it is my happy place. The place I go to when life gets too difficult and I need some sort of escape. My need for escapes has created many unique and beautiful pieces of art, thus I created ‘Rebel Heart Creations’ in the hopes of sharing my works with others. Facebook URL:: Instagram URL:: Other URL::

Rhonda Crane Art

We LOVE Rhonda!! I am a Canadian artist, specializing in custom pet portraits for fellow animal lovers. Through my art, I strive to capture the breathtaking beauty found in nature. My favourite art mediums include: pen and ink, coloured pencil, and pyrography. If you would like to own one of my unique pieces, please contact me for more information. You can also find her Facebook URL:: Instagram URL:: Other URL::

Rudi Bloes Art

Hi, I am Rudi. I draw and paint using different media. I can not stay or think in a box. So it Will be difficult to put me in one. Just enjoy my work. With love from Belgium. Facebook URL:: Instagram URL::

Senina Artist

Just beautiful work in watercolor check her out and show her some love on Instagram.

Space Art By Christopher Doll

Christopher Doll is a science fiction and space artist whose work has been featured on a number of book covers. He works in both traditional media, digital, and scale models. I LOOOOVE HIS ART! Check his work out, you will not be sorry! You can also find him at Facebook URL:: Instagram URL:: Other URL::

Standing Rock Studio

I’m 57 and the mother of two adult children on the Autism Spectrum. I first began drawing pencil portraits, then digital sculptures, then figures in polymer clay. When I tried stone carving, I really loved it and have been doing that exclusively ever since. I don’t have a large stone carving inventory, yet, so you may want to check out my “Past Artworks” folder on DeviantArt. We adore Rhonda! Check out her out she is awesome!

Starry Night Diner Art

Ellen’s work is AMAZING!!! want to be blown away, check it out. We own a really awesome piece she did of me.


Art made by Jonny at Felixstowe beach, Suffolk,England he is an awesome artist who is taking the scary step of being an artist and we adore him!

The Clover Artist

Hi! I’m Clover! I’m just a simple freelance artist that likes space, anime, and helping other artists grow! You can also find her here Facebook URL:: Instagram URL:: Other URL::

The Lucky Kreative

The Lucky Kreative is an art studio based in Seattle, Washington focusing on pet portraiture and nature-inspired art using mixed media. Instagram URL::

The Siren And The Pirate - Jewelry For The Adventurer

Hi, I’m Kelley and I’m a jewelry designer specializing in wire weaving. My brand and art slogan is Jewelry for the Adventurer. Adventure to me is seeking beyond the perceived boundaries and limitations. I infuse storytelling and symbolism into my pieces to remind the wearer of their endless possibilities. We adore Kelley and her amazing jewelry! She can also be found at

Tina Colbourne Art

We adore Tina Colbourne and so will you! Check her out! Also You can find her at all these fun places:

Womans Work Production Co

I make short, usually weird, videos.

Yellowmelle Arts Channel

Check out Yellow Melle’s art videos on YouTube!