Rafi And Klee Artist’s Life Podcast

My Name is Rafi Perez and I am a fine artist, my wife Klee Angelie is a jewelry designer, and this has been our career for the last decade. We have been sharing videos about our art career and art tips over the last few years. We try to give practical, real advice and try to bring fun back into the trials of navigating an art career. We talk about personal things, art things, career things and you can’t see our faces, but it’s us… We promise.

We can be found on several podcast services including:


We do a “LIVE POD” once a month, where you can log in and chat with us while we are live. Because we use Podbean, you’ll have to subscribe to us on Podbean (Free) in order to be able to comment on our live stream. These will be announced on Patreon and will also post the full live (usually about an hour on Patreon) The edited version of the show will post as a podcast the following week. You can sign up to our podbean using your IOS phone, ipad Or Windows Phone.

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