Rafi And Klee Artist’s Life Podcast

My Name is Rafi Perez and I am a fine artist, my wife Klee Angelie is a jewelry designer, and this has been our career for the last decade. We have been sharing videos about our art career and art tips over the last few years. We try to give practical, real advice and try to bring fun back into the trials of navigating an art career. We talk about personal things, art things, career things and you can’t see our faces, but it’s us… We promise.

We can be found on several podcast services including:


We do a “LIVE POD” every week exclusively with our Rogues members. Please join our Rogue Artist Community family if you would like to chat with us live while recording the podcast. An exclusive invite is sent before the podcast goes live.

2 thoughts on “Rafi And Klee Artist’s Life Podcast

  1. I’m sorry to have to ask such a random tech question I know you are not tech support and I just adore you both, but I just became a rogue today and really wanted to participate in the chat. However the invite said it was going to be Melissa’s question, and I went to podbean like the directions said, and it was Audrey’s question and I couldn’t figure out how to chat. I love the live interaction so I really feel like I missed out. Could you pleaaaase direct me through this? Thanks so much!

    1. Yes!! Charity! I will contact you on Thursday and send you detailed instructions so you do not miss out 🙂

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