One On One Hangout

With all the videos we put out there, we find that it is always best to talk one on one and brainstorm. If you have a specific question that you would like to ask Rafi And Klee. We will schedule a one on one zoom hangout with you where we can discuss your topic of choice for 45 minutes or an hour and a half.  Brainstorm ideas, or talk about what options you may have on your path of blazing your own trail, this is for you. We love being able to hear about your unique situation and see if we can figure some things out as far as what your options are. Klee and I will both sit in the call and talk candidly about what we think will be the best unique direction tailored for you. We may not have the answers you are looking for but we will give you our opinion on anything you want to talk about. WE HAVE A PATREON TIER FOR MEETING MONTHLY AND FOLLOWING UP, PLUS EXTRA PERKS THAT IS $50 A MONTH OR $540 A YEAR. WE ALSO HAVE A SUPER PATRON SECTION THAT MEET QUARTERLY, PLUS EXTRA PERKS THAT IS $25 A MONTH OR $270 A YEAR. CHECK OUT OUR PATREON SECTION FOR MORE INFO.

“As an artist, surround yourself with people who will support and challenge you. Those to support you when you can’t stand up straight and those who will challenge you when you are following the status-quo.” -Rafi #artistlife #rogueartist


Please remember you need to have internet access, a camera, and a microphone on your device (just like any live chat). You must also have a pair of headphones and preferably meet with us without too much background noise since that can be distracting and minimize the impact of the meeting.

OR YOU CAN JOIN US ON PATREON INSTEAD – We also meet with our SUPER PATRONS ON PATREON Via ZOOM For A Creative Group Chat And A 45 Minute One On One Four Times A Year (QUARTERLY For $25 A Month, Plus A Whole Bunch Of Other Cool Things (Like Secret Videos, Discord Community Chat, And More). We also have a SUPER MEETINGS TIER (NEW For $50 A Month) for monthly virtual meetings and checking in.

Watch Some Of Our Public Zoom Meetings

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