Lessons By Rafi And Klee

Klee and I share lessons on Skillshare. We have been sharing videos about our art career and art tips over the last few years. We try to give practical, real advice and try to bring fun back into the trials of navigating an art career. We both have a passion for experimentation, creation, and pushing boundaries which sometimes leads to either disastrous or wonderful results.

We will be sharing lessons having an art career, about our techniques in art and jewelry, DIY art and jewelry equipment, Art Career Best Practices, and The Rogue Artist Mindset that has helped us navigate successfully through our career. (All Classes Require A Skillshare Membership Click On The Go To Lesson Button To Find Out More About Special Deals.)

Time Management Rogue Style – Getting Tasks Done

This class delves into some of the reasons that many of us have a difficult relationship with time, and discusses our three best practices for improving that relationship.

Putting Your Art Out In The World Like A Rogue

In this class, we’re going to be talking about how to blaze your own creative trail and put your art out into the world the Rogue way, your way.

How to Break Out Of Your Comfort Zones

This lesson is about using your unique creativity to break out of your comfort zones. This way you don’t allow fear to dictate the direction of your creativity.

Staying Authentic In Your Creative Business

This lesson is about leveraging your unique creativity to define your business and not allowing fame, attention, or money to dictate the direction of your creativity.

Start Or Level Up Your Art Career – The Rogue Artist

This class is about reaching the next level in your creative career. Realistically and positively brainstorm all your options.

Create Rafi Style Art Prints

Learn how to create water-resistant “Rafi Style” artist enhanced prints.

Master Rejection

Learn how to become a master of rejection. A necessary trait for navigating an art career.