Corporate Art Collections

We believe that artwork plays a significant role in creating the right first impression for any space, especially professional settings. The aesthetic environment of your company projects an image of success and sets the tone for daily interactions.

Oren art By Rafi Perez

Properly chosen artwork can reflect your company’s personality and foster a productive atmosphere for employees. Fill out the form below to request a free consultation with Rafi.

Rafi has created an artistic presence in private collections in Pensacola, as well as in many high-profile commercial business settings.

Taco Agave In Pensacola Art

Past commercial projects have included providing artwork for Taco Agave (World Of Beer), Oren International, SETCO, Barefoot Gypsy Boutique, Dolce And Gelato, Hansen Realty Team, Global Grill, Beyond The Grape, Live Juice Bar, Coco Design, Inner Light Surf Shop, Urban Swinery and more.

Urban Swinery Art By Rafi Perez

To assist with your corporate collection needs, Rafi will work closely with company executives to create a bespoke artwork. He will make an initial site visit to discuss artwork preferences, company image and budget. He will review floor plans and do a walk through to suggest the right locations for artwork display. We also handle the delivery and installation of the completed project. In addition, our framing partner is able to execute framing projects on a large scale for commercial businesses. We are happy to work with your designers and architects to create the perfect setting for your company’s needs.