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Christmas Open Studio Shindig 2015

Rafi Was Here Studios and LunaStella Naturals presents a holly jolly Christmas Open Studio Shindig on Sunday December 20th From 11am – 4:30pm.


We are excited to invite you to visit the place where the splashing of paint, the hammering of precious metals and the mixing of natural ingredients happens! In celebration of the spirit of Christmas shopping we are opening our doors and saying “Hello, come on in and enjoy some cookies… and art… and jewelry… and natural skin and body care… and did I mention cookies.”

We will open our doors from 11am – 4:30pm and will be giving tours of the studio so you can see for yourself where some of your favorite works of art and jewelry come from.

It wouldn’t be Christmas shopping without gifts for you!! So Rafi will be giving away a free gift to everyone that comes by and says “Hola!” (While supplies last)

LunaStella Naturals will have stocking stuffers and gift kits in addition to the regular product line.


Holiday appetizers will be served throughout the day along with good cheer towards everyone :)

where: 3403 W Jackson St, Pensacola FL 32505

When: Sunday, December 20th from 11am – 4:30pm

What: Christmas Shindig and Shopping

Who: Every Awesome person in Pensacola and surrounding areas

Why: Because it’s awesome, you get a gift and can shop some amazing things.

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Rafi Live Painting At Empowerment Sat 11-5-15

“Empowerment” is a Food drive for Manna Food pantries. I will be doing a live painting along with some other very talented artist. The painting will be auctioned off to raise funds for MANNA.

Along with amazing live art creations by awesome artists (Mikaela Schelt and Nate Lyle), there will be art, live music and food. There will be a juried art show with the theme of Empowerment and how each unique artist perceives it.

Music starts at 2:30 and will continue until 10pm.

The last “Empowerment” show collected 680lbs of foods for families during the holidays. The goal this year is to raise 1000 lb of food.

This is an awesome show for a very good cause.

When:  Saturday at 2:00pm – 10:00pm 67°F / 49°F Clear

Where: First City Art Center – 1060 N Guillemard St, Pensacola, Florida 32501

What: “Empowerment” For MANNA food pantries

How Much: $5 + a non-perishable food item

Why: Because it’s an awesome event for a good cause


For more info joint the Facebook event page

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The Best Wedding Gift Surprise Ever

Several month ago Kris commissioned me to create a piece that was based on Amanda (His soon to be bride) as a wedding gift. We talked at length about their adventure, and the trials and victories of the Appalachian Trail which they hiked together. Klee and I fell in love with these two adventurous and beautiful spirits right away. I jumped on the opportunity to create a piece based on such an amazing person.


We decided to do the surprise at my exhibition, since Kris could easily find an excuse to come and see it before it comes down October 1st. I propped the piece up with a tag that read “Rattle Snake Jane’s Lookout” (Rattle Snake Jane was her trail name) “This piece was comissioned by Kris for his lovely soon to be wife Amanda.

Klee and I both cried, it was the most amazing reveal I’ve done to date. I am so honored to have been a part of something so awesome. Watch the video to see for yourself.

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Agoggles – They Think You’re Amazeballs

Finally! The biggest, yet smallest cheerleader you'll ever need :) If you want your own Agoggle visit the store, if it is sold out contact us.
Rafi Perez Solo Art Show

Rafi Perez Solo Art Show

Eating a triscuit or paying your bills
If they can watch you,
They're gonna be thrilled
They really don't say much,
but you can be sure
When they look upon you
It's you they adore


They think you're amazeballs

Looking at them
looking at you
There pretty enthralled with
whatever you do
From checking your email
to fixing your hat
They're always excited
to watch you do that


They think you're amazeballs

Don't you ever wear a frown
You're their favorite thing around

They don't get out much but with you life is truly awesome town!


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Rafi Perez Solo Art Exhibition

On Sept 11th 2015, I launched the opening for my solo art show “You Are Here – The Strange Curiosity of Right Now.” The opening reception was a huge success and the show is running until October 1st 2015. The show features over 100 works of art, including installations, paintings and sculpture.

There was an acoustic performance by the amazing band Dinosaur Daze and fantastic food by Monica Gaskins. The show is hosted by Marty Campbell Gallery in Downtown Pensacola.

“I’ve always been very fascinated by the concept of right now. That fleeting moment that takes place inside your mind, it dictates how you feel and what you think about. The show will exhibit a body of work that is a study of the various emotions that can exist in a fleeting moment of right now.”

“Art is such a great representation of the relative nature of the concept of time because the experience takes place in the viewer mind. Things will sow down when you get absorbed by the colors, texture and the subject of a piece if it triggers an emotion response that is personal in nature. Yet, nothing will happen to the flow of time if the piece doesn’t speak to you in any way, you simply move on to the next.”

What: Rafi Solo Art Show – YOU ARE HERE: The Strange Curiosity of RIGHT NOW

Where: Marty Campbell Gallery  –  126 Palafox Pl, Pensacola, Florida 32502

Show Runs – Sept 11th – Oct 1, 2015

Rafi Perez is a self-taught artist who’s sense of adventure and constant experimentation in his studio has led him to develop a painting technique with unique characteristics.

His ambition with his paintings is to use symbolic shapes, figures, texture and colors to express his deepest emotions and passion for life. This leads him to apply paint to the canvas in unusual and interesting ways. His paintings also require layers upon layers of paint to create a sensuous and turbulent surface texture that is as vital and as complex as life itself. He uses color to allure an imaginative and emotional response from the viewer. His dynamic depictions of the human experience and expressions are the product of many days of working and reworking.

His Paintings represent the discovery of mysteries of the subconscious mind that are part of his own personal journey in life. The art holds the promise of dreams, visions, fears, intangibles, and will. It is a collaboration of the mind and spirit. It is designed to speak to the viewer in a confidential language. Once a piece of art grabs you, you cannot help but interact with it; it demands contemplation, study, feeling, and flights of fancy.



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Look For Article In Pensacola News Journal on Saturday Aug 29th

Rafi and Klee Interviewed By Pensacola News Journal Eye On Art Mike Roberts

Last Saturday if you happened to come by the market you may have noticed that we were engaged in an intense conversation with someone in our booth. You may have been wondering if we were figuring out the cure to world hunger, or how to bring about world peace. Although those are on my bucket list, it wasn’t anything like that.

Pnj Rafi and Klee
Pnj Rafi and Klee


We were actually talking about ourselves, Klee and I were being interviewed by Mike Roberts who writes for the Pensacola News Journal. “Mike Roberts Eye On Art” had his eye on us for next Saturday edition (Aug 29th).

So with much anticipation, I wait and hope I didn’t say anything ridiculous, which I tend to do when I get a little nervous. Honestly, I doubt that will be the case, Mike Roberts was really cool and easy going. Klee and I had a lot of fun answering some really thought provoking questions and showing him some of our more recent pieces.

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Abstract Art By Rafi Perez?

It’s only been a few years since I decided to create art as a career. I have always been an artist, I just lacked the confidence to call myself one. Growing up in a very business minded environment where I heard phrases in Spanish like “Tienes que poner el huevo al tornillo!” which means you have to bust your ass and sacrifice what you love to get ahead, just didn’t inspire the artist in me. Ironically, that Spanish phrase translates to “You have to put the egg to the screw” and we all know they didn’t mean egg when talking about “huevo.”

Let’s just say, putting my egg on a screw just seems stupid and irrational.

I did manage to have a huge art success even when I was hiding my artistic side in the closet.

I had pieces that juried into a show held by Starbucks and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The event was called “The Avant Grande” and was held in the event warehouse of the Museum. It was sponsored by Smirnoff Vodka and it was the biggest thing a had ever been a part of.

So, how did I get in? Interesting story, my friend suggested I apply because the show was a big deal. All the art gallery owners in the River-north Art Gallery District were going to be there.

I said I would apply, but honestly I didn’t have the “huevos” to risk having my stuff judged by a jury. So my friend did what any good friend would do, they sent the application for me. A month later I was asked to bring my pieces downtown so that they could be professionally hung at the show. I was  shell shocked to say the least, but secretly I was doing cartwheels inside.


Long story short, it was an awesome show and I met a lot of high ranking professionals in the art world.

The only embarrassment I suffered was my father smacking my canvas a few times, saying it looked like vomit, then pointing at all the nudes and saying they were “real” art.

I would love to say that I was ready, but honestly I wasn’t. I just didn’t have to confidence and belief in myself to roll with what was happening. All the advice and compliments just didn’t make it past the self judgement and negative outlook I had back then. After the event, I chalked it up to a lucky mistake and went back to my normal routine in corporate life.

Do I regret not being ready back then? Nope. The truth is I am better at what I do because of the experiences I have had in my life that lead me to where I am now… I wouldn’t change a thing.

Back when I did the show, I had begun a body of work that was called Chaos in Harmony and was based on abstract action painting techniques along with some of my own special concoctions. The series was beautiful and the center piece for the show. After the show, I didn’t create any more pieces in the series. That was ten years ago and I believe it’s been too long that the series has been dormant.

I’ve decided to revive my Chaos in Harmony Series and roll with all the advice I was given years ago by the art professionals in Chicago. Mostly it was “I love these pieces, I would like to see BIGGER.” Which is super exciting to me now.

So stay tuned, this is going to be an awesome ride.

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Gallery Night In Pensacola

This Friday (3-20-15) Klee and I will be doing Gallery Night in beautiful downtown Pensacola. If you ever find yourself in the Pensacola area on a Gallery Night, you are in for a treat.

Palafox Street is closed to traffic to allow for visitors to walk the streets enjoying music, food and entertainment. All the local businesses have their own form of entertainment that pours out into the street.

Government Street is also closed and that’s where you will find us, at “Artist Row”.

Time: 5:00 PM TO 10:00 PM

Where: 130 E. Government St.

Pensacola, FL 32502

Phone: 850-434-6211


Seville Quarter invites over 70 award winning Local Artists & Vendors to showcase their skills, crafts & artwork in the street in front of the historical complex.

The Seville Quarter’s “Gallery Night Artists Row” has that “Arts Festival Feel” that we love so much. It is seriously a fun time. 

One of the really cool things about Gallery Night is that every event is different. When Pensacon was doing their thing, we had all types of superheroes and storm troopers walking the streets.


During the running of the bulls, Seville Quarter had tough girls on roller skates previewing the run.

They recreate the “Running of the Bulls”.  This annual event, made famous by author Earnest Hemingway, has participants chased by angry horned bulls. The Pensacola Roller Gurlz oblige all of us as the “Bulls”.

Klee and I also use the event as an opportunity to debut some of our creations. Mostly we get excited about the opportunity to hang out and have a good time. So if you find yourself in Pensacola this Friday or any other Gallery Night, come out and have some fun with us.

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10% Off All Art and Jewelry Online

10% Off All Art and Jewelry Online

With the Holidays finally over Klee and I want to offer a special limited time 10% OFF everything in our online store! We had such an awesome year this year and so look forward to 2015! To start off our year with a bang we decided to say thank you with 10% off. Simply enter coupon code: AWESOME2015.

Click on the image below to visit our store


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Metamorphosis By Rafi Perez

This piece is called metamorphosis. With the beginning of the New Year, I find myself reflecting on my life a lot. As an artist who creates pieces based on my reflections, emotions, and experiences it is pretty darn awesome that I can fill a sketchbook simply by reflecting on my year.


I love looking closely at circumstances that caused me to stress out a bit. Hindsight the “stressing” was unnecessary, in fact in most cases, what ever was going on didn’t resolve itself until I decided I was done stressing. Funny how that works.

A long time ago, well, what feels like ages ago, I was typically stressed out about something. You would usually find me depressed, angry, overwhelmed, and complaining about something. A few years ago, I walked away from that version of me. I decided life was too short to spend every day, every year. Every moment, repeating the same drama over and over. I realized it wasn’t any of the myriad of things I was blaming… It was me, my perspective was whack. I held on to so much drama and blame, that I lived it over and over every day.

Things are very different for me today…

Every day, I try to think about things that make me feel good. Things that make me feel empowered, beautiful, awesome and any other fantabulous word I can think of. I was done talking down to myself and became my biggest cheerleader.

I decided I was done feeling guilty about stuff. I realized that things just kept adding up. I was punishing myself over and over because of mistakes I had made 20 years early and adding them to things I felt guilty about now. I realized I wasn’t going to move forward if I couldn’t forgive myself. Along with guilt usually comes regret… You can’t go back and change anything, get over it and move forward.

This piece is based on letting go and moving forward. Changing your story and emerging from the old story like a butterfly, taking flight in your own destiny.




Metamorphosis By Rafi Perez was originally published on Rafi Was Here Studios