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Imagination Usage Can Cause Crazy Eyes

Klee and I have been together for 11 years and during that time I was made aware of the fact that I look like a crazy person when I am using my imagination.

Apparently, I freeze in place and my eyes widen as I stare off into nowhere. I also seem to enter some type of weird time vortex where I am completely unaware of how long I’ve been creepily staring… usually at someone.

Klee will ask, “where were you?” and that is usually my indication that I was just venturing through the wormhole of my imagination.

Someone once saw me doing that and asked, “is he ok?”

Klee responded, “he’s doing creative research.”

I love her 🙂

Listen, whether you have crazy eyes, make a weird chin face, or look like a zombie when you are using your imagination, I’m here to tell you that it is a beautiful thing.

So stay beautiful crazy eyes.

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Sing Your Heart Out And Remember To Play

Klee has always loved to sing. She started her career in music with a hot pink boom box and a hairbrush. Over the years that beautiful freedom that came from singing for the enjoyment of just singing became a career. She is now trying to get back into that freedom and sing for the sake of singing.

Whenever we do anything creative in a professional capacity we have to watch that the “adult” self doesn’t overpower the child self. Those things that brought us joy and excitement can easily become a struggle. We can take it too seriously and forget to play.

Playing is where the magic happens.

Playing is where we are not stifled by perfection.

Playing is where we experiment and try new things.

Playing is where we know that if we fail, we can simply start over again.

Playing is where we push ourselves to try something that others may think is beyond us.

Playing is where the joy comes from.

Playing is where you create without the negative critic in your head, because negative people don’t know how to play.

So whether you are singing, playing an instrument, writing, painting, acting, sketching, creating jewelry, or doing something you love… remember to play awesomely.