Our Mission Statement


Our mission: to inspire the creativity, love, joy, self empowerment and fun in everything we do in this thing called life. – one person, one neighborhood, one town, one city at a time.


We believe that happiness is a choice that you can make every day. Loving yourself is also a choice you can consciously make every day. When you consistently focus and practice happiness and love every day, you become a powerful force that brings laughter, joy and happiness everywhere you go. We infuse ourselves and our creations with this powerful force.


Here is the principle mantra of how we live that every day:

“Endlessly inspired by the stuff of life.”


Rafi Was Here Studios Core Values and Beliefs:

Remembering that we are incredibly lucky to create beauty that enhances people’s lives.

Creating amazing works of art that surpasses expectations in value.

Being an example of promoting love, happiness and the pursuit of awesomeness.

Promoting the creativity that everyone has in business and in Play.

Building lasting relationships and cultivating potential and opportunities in our business.

Being fully authentic and transparent in our business and relationships.

Always communicating fully who we are and what we believe to be true, yet flexible to change.

Daily practices of creativity, love, gratitude and innovation. Being willing to take a step out of our comfort zones.

Having fun In everything that we do and with everyone that we interact with.

Watch this video for a day in the life of Rafi and Klee: