Our Journey

The Weird Colorful Truckthe-explorer

You may have noticed the Rafi Was Here Mobile and got curious or exclaimed “What a bunch of weirdos!”

Well, Rafi and Klee had an adventure for a few years and lived in that thing. It was actually rebuilt from the inside to accommodate cabinets, a bed, solar lights, electrical, and more. They don’t use it for traveling these days, just for hauling art and jewelry from place to place.

img_8317Let’s start at the beginning…

Opening scene.

2009. Chicago.
The newly blossoming relationship of a boy and a girl becomes serious when the boy says “I love you.”
The girl says “I love you too!”
Then the boy says “I will be traveling the country and living in my car for the next couple years.”
The Girl says “I know… and I’m coming with you.”image-781.jpgI wanted to travel and see the country. I wasn’t sure how I would finance the trip, because I had no job. You see, I had lost my mind (according to friends and family) and quit my job, which was followed by a series of events that left me with nothing.

I remembered having a plan to become an artist when I was out of High School. Ten years later I was in Corporate Management, Corporate training and had all kinds of business management skills and awards.image-310.jpgSee, I was really good at what I did and was very successful in the business field. I was such an out of the box thinker (at least that’s what they kept saying) that my creativity propelled me into corporate stardom. No matter how many awards I won or how much money I was making, that nagging feeling that something was missing consumed me day and night… So, I gave in and let myself go crazy.

There are pictures below of our trip. It was scary, awesome, emotional, nerve racking, blissful, and extraordinary. What an amazing adventure.Rafi_Klee2Rafi Was Here Studios

After an amazing adventure we found ourselves making another wild decision in our life. We decided to stop traveling and settle down for a while.

We eventually started Rafi Was Here Studios (Based on the fact that everyone knew us and the truck as Rafi Was Here) and decided we would take what we learned on the road and pour it into our creativity.

vinyl-show-2Art and Jewelry

We have been featured in Magazines, news papers, interviews, special events and galleries. We have been in high demand ever since, winning awards and getting many offers for new ventures… But we always remember why we do what we do, we want to share our love and passion for life though our creations.10891947_10204917810652736_4272886097652878202_nIn 2013 Rafi Was Here Studios Became an LLC and we have plans to expand the studio further.

In 2016 we changed the name of the of the studio to Rafi and Klee Studios.


Our journey continues although we now live in one place and are not traveling. One of the biggest realization I had while on the road was that adventure is a state of mind, you can live an adventure every day if you allow yourself to push beyond what you think your limitations are.

Our Trip In A Nutshell: