In The Studio

Rafi Was Here Studios (Rafi and Klee Studios) is not the typical art space. Rafi and Klee are big believers in the saying “Everything you need to achieve your goal is already in your grasp, you just have to look around and see the potential instead of the lack.”

Their workspace and studio is a collection of found objects and “on the spot” building. The studio seems to be in a permanent state of change as new shelves are added when needed or surface areas are optimized.

To Have or Not To Have a Studio

“It doesn’t matter if it is an easel in the corner or a plastic bin with jewelry supplies on your kitchen table, every and any space can be your creative space. Having a studio doesn’t make you an artist, creating art no matter where you are is what defines an artist. Our studio is a small guest room that just kind of grew into the entire room, I have to restrain myself sometimes from taking over the entire house, but I feel it might be the next logical step.” – Rafi


Beautiful Chaos

“The studio is pretty much our vortex of beautiful chaos. It’s us, things we like and things we use. Things that have no outwardly practical reason to be there, but that we enjoy having around. There’s paint on the floor and the walls, metal shavings and beads strewn about. We’re not particularly careful people when it comes to our art and not getting it on surrounding surfaces. That’s what makes it so great, it’s our play room. It could be anywhere and any size, shape or layout… and it would be a harmonious mess of creation that we love spending our days in.” – Klee Angelie


To visit the studio, please make an appointment.