5 Reasons Being weird Is Awesome

It seems that as an artist you are given license to be out of your mind a bit. I enjoy this very much, because honestly I would much rather be out of my head than in it. In my opinion something important is lost when we try to act like adults, whatever that means. When you watch adorably happy children play adults they suddenly acted stressed and carry serious expressions on their cute faces. Once we get older and play adult, the serious face isn’t all that cute.

I think being weird has huge benefits. For the nature of this article I mean weird as in bizarre, fantastic, and uncanny. Like Klee dressing up like a character in Harry Potter for the book release kinda weird. I don’t mean anything negative… So Let’s get to it.

Being Weird Is Awesome
Being Weird Is Awesome


Reason Number one – Make The Mundane Interesting

You can dress up for a Harry Potter book release. Not a book signing by the way, not an opening for anything grand… Just a book store in a suburb. What makes this awesome is how you can turn something mundane, like waiting in line into an epic adventure. I remember having to wait in a line that was going to take a few hours to get through. I played a game of name that tune with people around me. I began by saying “Excuse me, I’ve got this song in my head and I can’t remember where it’s from, can you help me out?” Then I sang.

Being Weird Is Awesome
Being Weird Is Awesome

Reason Number dos – You Get To Be You

You don’t have to worry so much about reputation or what people think of you. I mean, c’mon you’re weird, you don’t have a reputation. This is the part I love most about being a weirdo. You basically get to be yourself, everyday, every moment and not try to follow some facade of normal that doesn’t actually exist.

Reason Number Three – You Get To Live In Excitement

You can get super excited about things that no one else thinks is exciting. I have to say, my wife is quite possibly the most awesome nerdy chick I have ever met in my entire life. She gets SO excited about things that no one else even thinks twice about. As you know, she designs beautiful jewelry for a living, what you may not know is how excited she gets about the stones, their history, how they were formed, how they were mined, cut, polished, and on and on. She gets really excited and doesn’t even care if no one else shares in her excitement… That’s awesome.

Being Weird Is Awesome
Being Weird Is Awesome

Reason Numbero Quatro – You Get To Go Against The Norm

No matter what is going on, even if the weather is bad, you stubbed your toe, and everyone around you is in a bad mood, you can act weird. This means that no matter what is going on in your life you get to smile and laugh as if every day is the best day ever. You get to interrupt patterns of behavior by hanging upside down from a tree to get a different perspective. Or walking backwards and rewinding the moment that just happened so you can experience it again or differently.

Being Weird Is Awesome
Being Weird Is Awesome

Reason Number Five – The More The Merrier

Like attracts like and when you are weird, you attract other weirdos to you that are your kind of weird. What a great way to live life, surrounded by others who are weird enough to be themselves, happy, easily excited and seem to make everything fun.

Have fun weirdos and I love you!

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